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    PSA: Massive Beta Invite Wave

    Check your launchers!

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    Nothing here

    /10 chars

    Edit: Restarted, still nothing lol
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    I've got nothing here, either.

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    Doubted. Restarted. Found Beta.

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    *Not sure why this was moved here.. I feel like it benefits the general base more since some people aren't getting the email notifications.

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    All i see is 2 ptr accounts on the website.
    Possibly just for retail and classic respectively.
    EU btw.

    Update: i got my email 1 hour after making this post. Guess the 2nd ptr account on bnet website is in fact beta, even if it says wow: legion ptr. Website does not specify as beta.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulbalance View Post
    Check your launchers!
    Confirmed here, my second account has beta now and I asked two of my buddies to check and they have it on their launcher. It's weird because we play together and I got in a while ago - now we have a few weeks to play together so that's cool.
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    Nahh, and frankly. Even if i had being lucky, i wouldn't had bothered either with so few weeks left now til release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saradain View Post
    Doubted. Restarted. Found Beta.
    Doubted, restarted, nothin'
    ..and so he left, with terrible power in shaking hands.

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    Just US again?

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    I'm sure unlucky when it comes to these. Signed up for every single beta there's been and have never gotten in, including here.

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    yup. got an invite.

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    Huh, wonder why they'd bother when the expansion is just 26 days away...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crysis View Post
    Just US again?
    I am also beginning to believe that US was prioritized.

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    I just got one. Not sure how I feel about this knowing the game comes out in a couple of weeks now...

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    Just relaunched mine and i now have beta - EU

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    Thanks for the info - got one (EU)
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    Will check when I get home.

    Been playing for 15 years and been subbed all the time. 800 days played according to Altoholic addon. I been on every PTR and reported 1000s of bugs over the years.

    Never got in any beta.

    Yes I am salty.

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    With another wave so late in the beta cycle I'm guess they want as many people to test the actual launch of the expansion. They did it with both Legion and BFA to see how smooth the launch would be

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