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    Horde [H] [Tarren Mill] [EU] <Battletoads> is recruiting for Shadowlands!

    <Battletoads> is a newly formed semi-hardcore raiding guild on Tarren Mill.

    We are preparing our roster for Shadowlands.
    At the moment all spots for our roster is open, but we are starting to narrowing it down.
    Our main focus is to do mythic raiding and be a cutting edge raiding guild.

    Our core group have played together in almost all of WoW’s lifetime, in both hardcore and semi-hardcore guilds and we have had multiple successful guilds though the different expansions.

    Our goals are to explore and experience all the raiding content that the game can provide, while still feeling that we can live a life outside the game. To be able to combine these two things, we expect our raiders to put their best efforts into raids, and always aim to keep improving. During raids we are focused, well organized, and everyone should work hard to improve themselves, and the raid as a whole. We play this game to relax and have fun, and we aim to keep a friendly and mature atmosphere in the guild.

    Our raid days are twice a week, and a backup day for progressing purpose:
    Thursday – 18.30 – 22.00
    Monday – 18.30 – 22.00
    Sunday (Backup day if needed) – 18.30 – 22.00.

    For more info or to apply - contact:
    Bnet: Tracedawn#2656
    Discord: Tracedawn#3378
    You can also look at our discord for more info:
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    We are starting to narrow our search down.
    We are still looking, mostly ranged dps - hunters especially - and resto shaman. Other spots are still open but a lot limited.

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    We are still narrowing our search down.
    We are mostly looking for ranged dps - mages - else we are lacking some melee dps.

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