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    This was the right decission in my book.
    Guess a lot of people gotta move their planned vacation at work tomorrow. Would have been nice with a new date.
    This could both be November and December.

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    This is very, very good news. If you're upset about this you're wrong. Period.
    Scheduled weekly maintenance caught me by surprise.

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    This explains the massive wave of beta invites yesterday.

    delay is the right decision, as the game is fuckin scuffed right now

    but delay is NOT the right decision when you sell pre orders

    blizz sucks ass on all fronts lol

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    Enjoy that 8.3... I mean prepatch yo

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    Quote Originally Posted by thilicen View Post
    How could they not consider this!
    They could have said it earlier. So you can get it back. Now it is to late for many as the employer does not have to give it back at some point

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinR View Post
    I mean really who didn't see this coming?
    I didn't. I expected Blizzard telling devs to launch expac anyway, no matter how many bugs stay on release.

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    Today is my birthday. I was looking for Shadowlands release as my region where I live is back in lockdown due to Covid-19.... So can't celebrate my birthday and see friends for awhile...

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    Sad that this had to happen but it's the correct move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahyl View Post
    Delayed. Was kinda expected.
    I knew Shadowlands needed it but I honestly thought they were going to release it the way it was.

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    "Sometime this year" would be nice for an estimated date so we can reschedule holidays...

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    Why didn't ion make this announcement?
    Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam

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    Although a good move, lots of bugs, not fully tested, it is annoying. I like many took time off work. Now I will retract my time off but it may spell disaster for when they announce another expansion release. My poor receptionist is going to kill me when I say, book me, and even worse when I get a new date and say, rebook these people please. Hope they can provide a good heads up to the new release date (and not delay again, my boss will have a hairy canary!).

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    No one's going to talk about how pitiful it is that they expected to live up to their deadline at all? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by metzger84 View Post
    Delayed indefinitely. Get ready for 3 months of prepatch.
    While I realize everyone is tripping over each other to get the "best" complaint posted, this is likely quite the stretch.

    You typically don't realize something is going to take a whole additional 3 months to polish off when you're a few weeks away from launch date.

    If I were to hazard a guess, we're looking at a one month delay, two tops. I would also imagine that they are going to keep things a bit close to the vest just in case, so they don't announce a new date and find themselves in the position of wanting to move it again.

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    Wow....never thought this would really happen.....ever.

    But.....good news I guess for the folks complaining there is no pre-release patch date...we now have it.

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    Damn, as long as they avoid the Xbox launch and Cyberpunk launch week then I’m cool with a delay.

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    So I was right about the pre-patch being Oct. 13th. Things were just too quiet even on Blizzard's end to push the pre-patch on the 6th.

    Didn't think I'd be seeing the first delayed expansion since The Burning Crusade, though.

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    Probably a good decision. Still won't buy it on launch though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dystemper View Post
    Why didn't ion make this announcement?
    Because he wanted to fuel an absurd new conspiracy theory on the interwebs. Clearly.

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    Expected. Loling at the people that said it was impossible for Blizzard to delay the launch. Least we got pre-patch date so that's good but wouldn't be surprised if that got pushed too..

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