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    Regarding people bashing the delay just because... its like you don't want to have a polished expansion? Thank god blizz listened... I can just hope for the best.

    And regarding the delay... why did they wait for so long? People made vacation plans already, many of us resubbed for multiple months just to throw that money down the drain now? They knew in what state the game was weeks ago and I bet they knew that people always resub a monthy before the release so that waiting till today was just...

    Man, I am happy and angry at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracullus View Post
    Funny how in situations like this we can clearly say who criticize game cause they want it to be better and who do it cause he have ex-girlfriend syndrom and just want game to fail.

    Sure, in EU launch start on midnight (and first night is always awesome if they don't screw launch), kinda hard go to work next day.
    I mean there has been noticeable quality drops since activation took over that no objectively sane person can deny.

    It will succeed but it needs way more time and the money men need to fuck off and stop pressuring them all the time. Publishers are the fucking scum/mafia of the creative world, it is a union that provides no benefits except taking tons of money from devs that they did nothing to earn and piss all over them and inflates game prices etc. It is a very deep issue way beyond games unfortunately.
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    How many new characters do you think you will level before the whole expansion finally arrives? I'm thinking about 5 at least.

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    I almost feel like this is so naxx will come out for classic and they can get ppl after a month or two of that to buy the box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enter Name Here View Post
    we got the pre patch announcement before the end of season announcement
    no... we got that monday a week ago

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    I completely understand that they delay the release. The game is not finished. However what worries me, and this is a general problem with Blizzard, is that they don't release this statement before now. They should have known much earlier than this that they were going to delay it. Their customers have scheduled vacation around the release date, so the fact that they delay it with less than a month to go is not okay. They should have known it in the beginning of September and release the statement then.

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    they can delay as much as they like... this expansion will be trash and I wont bother unless that changes or I'm proven wrong.

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    and in other news, water is wet, fire is hot and the sun is the center of the solar system.

    was anybody really surprised with this? they were still sending out waves of beta invites with the release date so close it made no sense, plus the monumental amount of shit that needs fixing and tuning before they can ship is mind boggling how they thought they would be ready for their initial release date.

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    So Shadowlands wasn’t on track, something they kept explicitly telling us? Why lie?

    How long will they need? Frankly, the game has been at a mediocre state for years. Doesnt matter how long they delay it. It wont get any better.

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    I figured it would have been delayed. They crammed so much more shit that needs to be balanced from the get go. Just wonder how much more they gonna cram after a few major content patches. New talent trees and system would have been a better foundation this go round then tack on some shitty borrowed power systems later.

    If you need covenants conduits legendary to make your class feel fun and play like it should that's a base design problem.

    Class x really needs A back to feel fluid and fun....don't worry we baked it into system Y that will be removed again in a couple years. THEN we will bring it back in another temporary system or item(set).
    It's a stupid endless cycle.

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    Smartasses being all smug like oh yeeee, how could you not have seen this coming, totally OBVIOUS.

    No, it wasn't totally obvious you smug c*nts. Because shit used to release in whatever shit state it was at the announced date in the past. Al-fucking-ways. No a single exception.

    This was NOT obvious. This was NOT to be expected. You're just being smug ass fucking c*nts. This is just about the most unusual and unforeseeable thing Blizzard have done in like the last 20 years.

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    kinda got the vibe of delay when they didn't launch pre-patch this week. i don't mind the delay. tho I'm a bit concerned about length of pre-patch event. if it's more than a month ppl will get frustrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kauko View Post
    Regarding people bashing the delay just because... its like you don't want to have a polished expansion? Thank god blizz listened... I can just hope for the best.
    It's kinda crazy that people have that take at all. Blizzard's willingness to delay or cancel products that don't meet their quality standards used to be the big thing that people praised the company for.

    The fact that they're even able to push a deadline to raise quality at least shows that the Activision noose isn't completely taut yet.

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    as someone who is more interested in the pre-patch than shadowlands it's not all bad news. also impressed that they'd dare postpone ...not what I'd come to expect from them.

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    when will they learn to stop listening to player feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by keymil View Post
    Fucking idiots, honestly.

    They saw what kind of state the current beta is. And they waited until 27 days, so not even a full month, to announce a delay? How am I supposed to cancel my already confirmed vacation? Sorry for putting my faith in Blizzard and believing they wouldn't go so low as to announce a delay not even a month before release.

    That problem is 100% on you and your employer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tech614 View Post
    I recommend some ice for your feet mate. With the trail of hot takes you're leaving in this thread they must be burning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xjev View Post
    People can change their time off dates
    Depends. Some folks' jobs might not be as flexible.
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    I will admit, i would have being a medium amount dissapointed by this delay if they still hadn't made a pre-patch release date. But the fact they also had that, made me feel awesome about this delay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subrias View Post
    You people seriously take vacation days to play wow? I haven't done that since I was working at dominos. Lol...
    So you took vacation days to play WoW in the past but are puzzled as to why people do?? What a stupid remark

    People can take vacation days for whatever reason they want. Get off your high horse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dvlx View Post
    Why are people like you so combative? Like just take the information and move on, honestly.

    Also people saying it wasn't going to be delayed aren't "white knighting" Blizzard, it was based on 15 years of not happening before.
    TBC was delayed by 2 months.

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