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    Whats the ideal m+ build in sl. And what you think about chains of devastation leggo

    Resto spec only.

    Im trying with Chains of devastation legendary and vesper totem.
    The build revolves around that legendary, buffing chain heal with high tide, deluge, unleashed life and finally cloudburst totem becouse the other 2 are useless with this build.

    I dont rly know what to think about this build. It seems strong, really strong, but the playstyle with that legendary revolves 75% of time around chain heal / chain lighting back to back, casting riptides and healing rain in between or lava shock lava surge in single target fights, its nice i guess but im yet used to a more traditional build.

    I went to discord and people seems to think this legendary is weak, but to me it seems super strong, the playstyle seems a bit basic at first but if you rly want to optimize it i can see some complexity on it.

    What you think about the playstyle of this leggo and whats your favorite M+ build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roger400 View Post
    Resto spec only.

    What you think about the playstyle of this leggo and whats your favorite M+ build.
    looks ok for an offensive m+ build. looks useless in everything else. the question is whether you can keep it going during a key run without stopping for mana all the time. Nature's Reach and Kyrian soulbinds would be the way to go. Honestly it's just the mana and limited use that holds a lot of testers back from using it. It's not good for ele/enhance at all. It's worthless in pvp, raids, and even questing.

    I personally like PW for EZ cleave healing. I feel on high keys you get few chances to dps and PW might be the answer for staying on top of heals for everyone to actually get some dps in. shame about the nerfs

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    i got it, thank you for the explanation.

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