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    Primordial wave- Am i missing something?

    Apart from it seeming strong in raids i see no BIG deal in M+ with this ability. Sure it must feel nice to spread 60% of healing wave into all targets every 45 seconds, but to say this is the Strongest covenant ability is an overstatement to me.
    And now people are saying this could be used as ST heal, and also praising it so much by applying another riptide.
    How on earth can this be a ST heal? this is a pure cleave / aoe heal just like beacon or vivify or renewing mists, and why people are praising the fact that it applies another riptide if, while its decent, its our weakest heal.

    in my opinion there are other better builds like a build revolving around the devastation legendary that while dont improve directly our spread healing, buff alot of our stacked heal and incentivise us to do more damage. Also even with a more standard build the red chain heal covenant ability is siming almost as high on hps while also doing good damage and being easier to use without betwen 7 seconds to 12 seconds for proper setup with primordial wave.

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    Dont forget that Healing Wave has been buffed. I am no healer but it helps best in restos toolkit. From what i heard it simply plays best.

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    yeah spells have been buffed/nerfed riptide heals for more than hw now
    with 0 haste
    riptide 302%
    hw 300%
    PW 367%
    vesper 73%
    rCH 315%

    so on a pure single target basis PW heals for the most (FT is trash)
    also with an average tier 1 haste you'll gain about an extra 30% on riptide and PW while you don't get anything with the rest. finally the PW covenant gives a chance for it to instantly reset giving you another use. none of the other covenant abilities are this useful except maybe rCH which is favored in m+ for the additional damage and is really good with our offspecs
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    I know for elemental it makes flame shock much easier to manage on multiple targets, and making fights with multiple targets much more enjoyable, funneling all your damage into the priority target while spreading flame shock as much as possible.

    From my experience in beta so far, the bigger issue is the other covenants having better soul binds. Hopefully they balance them a little better, because I do enjoy primordial wave, but Night Fae and Kyrian are performing way better

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    If you cast it on a target followed by a healing wave on that target, it causes the second healing wave as well. The extra healing waves also seem to be affected by unleash life and undulation - but the extra healing waves is 60% effective baseline.

    Also, for enhance it seems awful on paper, but you can get +250% (maelstrom + stormkeeper) dmg lightning bolts on as many targets as you can get a flame shock on. It's actually quite fun, but requires some setup.
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