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    Shadowlands leveling/questing spec?

    What are folks liking for leveling and level-cap action out in the open world, based on beta experience?

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    Good old frost

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    I played a bit of all 3 to see how different it all is. Once again frost seems te be the best for leveling as you get good defense and crowd control options. Fire is the same as always, great at the start for bursting rare/elite mobs but as you get closer to 60 the lack of secondary stats starts hurting more and more. Arcane still feels the same to me, in other words: I find it extremely boring to play. I heard it should be a different playstyle but I couldn't detect anything special so far and didn't play it much.

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    Arcane in the beta is a blast. But any of the 3 will do just fine.

    If you want to aoe stuff down then frost. Fire could do but more fragile.

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    right now frost >= arcane >>> elemental shaman > fire mage

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    Arcane is probably fastest for pure leveling, due to instant aoe and burst damage on demand, not to mention a speed boost with Abarr if mobs around. Frost has more control though and is easier to play. Fire is just bad and undertuned at the same time.

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    Arcane could be quite good while you level through bastion, since standing in any of the water puddles there gives you a stacking buff for 20ish minutes or so that caps at 10% arcane damage. Since you constantly ride over them or walk through the fountains you pretty much have that up 100% of the time there.

    Otherwise frost obviously. Fire is in the trash bin for now unless they overbuff it to high heaven since once in SL you lose everything but the cloak procc from your borrowed powers.

    All 3 specs will suffer towards the end from the shields being utterly anemic and stuff imho hitting way too hard (at least on beta). Probably why frost will be the go to choice again since it comes with lots of control.
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    Honestly, having just leveled 10-50 as Arcane and switching to Frost at max...kinda miss Arcane.

    Arcane just hits so hard on most quest mobs, and you're questing so mana at 4 Arcane Charges just isn't an issue. Also, Greater Invis is a life saver for anyone that would like a Rogue's Vanish.

    Frost is fine...but it feels slower tbh. Like, nothing happens without procs, so you're always fishing for procs. Without cooldowns, sometimes you Frostbolt a dude to death before anything actually happens. And Frostbolt dmg kinda sucks.

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    I lvl'd up as Arcane in Beta and it was really satisfying and fast, Greater Invisibility is very cool to have, also Arcane Barrage spam on mobs(with talent) and run in the Maw. Also you get a stacking buff of increased Arcane damage in Bastion, the first questing area. Otherwise Frost is a classic. That said, I copied a 50lvl char who was full Mythic geared, so maybe frost would be better for lower ilvl folk.

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    gonna level as arcane, felt really smooth on beta.
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    Arcane is always the way to go if you are an experienced player. It's very rewarding to make things go poof.

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    Fire of course. Burn baby burn!

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    Haven't checked the beta or anything

    But i'll never stop using Fire
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    Arcane until mana regen becomes too bad because of stat scaling, spamming AB4 and AM with x3 arcane pummeling is op
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    Arcane until mana regen becomes too bad because of stat scaling, spamming AB4 and AM with x3 arcane pummeling is op
    Azerite gear and the HoA will stop working the moment you step through the portal at the top of ICC.
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