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    Mythic Raider LFGuild (coming back from hiatus)

    Preface: All preferences listed are just that - preferences. There is some flexibility there. I want to find the right fit to have fun and am willing to make some compromises to get that to work. That being said, the fewer preferences of mine that match your opening (or the further you are from them), the less likely we are to be a good match.

    So I'm looking for a guild to join moving into Shadowlands!

    Faction: [A] or [H]; Alliance preferred due to aesthetics and personal inertia, but can faction change as many characters as necessary. Faction is less important than other considerations.

    Classes: Preferences - Paladin (Ret/Prot), Mage (Any), Shaman (Resto/Ele), Priest (Holy/Disc). I have other high level classes and two boosts still available from expansion purchases, but I know I'll like the listed classes. As I've just returned from hiatus I'm currently in the process of levelling, clearing quest logs, organizing bank space, guild apping, and hardware upgrades. The sooner I know where I'm headed, the more likely I am to be able to bring a class you might want.

    Raiding Experience: I raided extensively in two periods: TBC, then MoP & WoD. For WotLK/Cata and Legion/BFA I was gone for degrees one and two, respectively. My last (serious) raiding was with <Reminiscence> of Icecrown for all of WoD, (who dissipated a tier after I had left at the very beginning of Legion.)

    Reverse Chron: 13/13M HFC; 10/11M BRF; 7/7M HM; 13/14M SoO -- All before nerfs/prepatches or next tier.

    Ret: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/charact...one=8&new=true
    Resto: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/charact...one=8&new=true (Heroic primarily, but historically I've been a stronger healer than DPS)

    Raiding Expectations: Looking to join a "casually hardcore" guild that finishes with CE. Does not need to be pushing to get top ranks worldwide, and may consider X-1/X or X-2/X guilds. However X/X is preferred. I'm expecting 3 raiding days/wk. If you're one of those rare guilds (or maybe things have changed in 3 years) that manages to complete Mythic tiers in 2 days/wk, I'd be more than happy to join.

    I am always sure to go into a new fight having at least read the details of how a fight will go. (More commonly, watched). If DPS, I'm also used to being one of the raid's "mechanics" or "soak" guy. I can take some accountability. I don't have to be the DPS superstar. On the other hand if my numbers are slipping for non-obvious reasons I tend not to be content and will push myself. I tend to prefer folks like myself who prepare and have intrinsic motivation so we're not adrift initially. However I'm in this for a low key relaxed atmosphere overall and am content with not trying to get everything done in the first month.

    As an aside, if my absences from the game concern you, no worries. I gave lots of notice and time for the guild to phase me out. I like to take it an xpac at a time. Likewise I'm looking for a guild that is going to be present.

    Guild Culture

    I couldn't care less about stronger language or being a bit on the thirsty side. Fun is fun. However, as awkward as it is to have to mention it I'm not much for casually racist/obnoxious behaviour, or passive aggression. If this is the norm for your guild, we're probably not a good fit. This is the one thing on which I'm not overly flexible. Incidents happen, but if there's any sort of pattern I'll probably be quietly notifying an officer that I'm looking elsewhere.

    On a lighter note, I love a guild who run mythic+ and aren't overly calcified as a group. (I'd love to join you on more than just raids as a new member and it's rough breaking into cliques to do dungeons). I also love guild "alt" raid runs that are a bit more relaxed but still manage to get some work done. I always attempt at least full heroic on at least one alt. I can do that with pugs if need be, but I'm down if you do this regularly.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you, my Btag is Wanderlust#1312. Alternatively reply here and we can set up a time to chat. I'll be checking back each morning. I genuinely look forward to hearing from you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dadwald View Post
    added you to btag
    Responded with initial chat. Let me know if there's a good time (and platform) for contact, as well as a recruitment post or website I could view.

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    I think we would be a good fit for you!

    Guild: <Rägnarok>
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Area52

    Looking for like-minded, Adult, drama free raiders and non-raiders for Shadowlands!
    All raid spots are competitive! Reach out to us for more info! We would love to hear from you! Discord: Fel#6958 Aearo#6958

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    I would be interested in speaking with you if you are still looking for a guild!

    Quick info

    AOTC+ guild: Corrupted Cannoli

    Faction: Horde

    Server: Area-52

    Raid times: Friday/Saturday 8-11 EST

    Progression: 6/12 M

    Blizz ID
    Kenoshis1451 Floor tank
    InTheShadows#1278 Raid Leader

    Hope to chat soon!

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