Hey, I’m looking toward Mythic CE raiding and Mythic Keystones.

I’m returning for Shadowlands and intend to grind the ever living hell out of it, I really didn’t enjoy Battle for Azeroth and neither did any of the people I was with, so everything fell apart, Guild and all... I just gave up on the expansion as a whole from that point.
I’ve been playing and Raiding since Vanilla Warcraft, so pushing 16 years of experience.
I’ve done plenty of Raid Leading, so if you need a backup Raid Leader, I can always help out in any way I can there if need be.
My alternate character is generally a tank of some sort and/or another healer, either being a Death Knight or Paladin with a Priest, though my primary focus will be Restoration on my Druid.

I’m available for any given time and day, so it doesn’t matter to me what days or time I’m raiding at.
I’ll also change servers for the Guild. I’m not bound to what ever server my character is currently located in.
If you have any questions for me or to just discuss anything at all, please contact me on Discord and we can hop in voice.

Discord ID: Dialectric#0644