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    Idea: limit thread creation to once per X

    Isnt this already an option to have in place? Most forums have a thread creation policy every 10 or 30 minutes in order to reduce spam. Alongside other measures this seems like a welcome one for MMOC, given a few regulars here could benefit from such a rule aswell.

    Theres already one on replies (30 seconds or so?)

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    I guess you refer to the recent spams?

    Well...mods here (this forum section, check any thread on spam below your topic) already said, if they restrict creation of topics, spammers will just spam existing threads to get to the point when they can create threads and it becomes harder to clean up

    But yeah..Maybe if you can only create a topic once an hour and only post in threads every...what?...2 or 5 minutes, it will turn spammers off (but ofc it will also annoy some legit posters).

    Mostly I wonder what those Black Magic spammers get out of this. Surely nobody phones those numbers?

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    Post throttling isn't currently something we have the ability to enable, but it is something that might be worth custom development time. However, as det mentioned, it would need to be for both posts and threads so it didn't push spammers into existing threads instead.

    It is something being looked into though.

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