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    Back To WoW, Back In Arms

    Hello there!

    I recently just came back to WoW after being too long away.

    I love playing my Arms warrior.

    Just curious as to how we look like in Shadowlands?

    One noticable element that struck me is how currently in the game in pvp everyone has awesome (or really good) self heals and I am like what happened to mine???

    Yikes! I miss the days when I would get stun locked by a rogue, heal while shut down and then finally be able to move/attack and be right back in the fight again. Now, I just stand there holding my Horde banner in my hand and die. What happened to Arms??!!! lol

    I must have waffle stomped a Dev on one of their toons back in the day and they raged out and plotted their revenge from that day forward!!! lololol

    Anyway, glad to be back and glad to be on my Arms warrior...Warrior for life!

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    Warrior class forums are pretty deserted. Head to class discord for general and in depth info. you might need in my opinion;


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