View Poll Results: What BFA System do you consider to have been successful?

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  • Azerite Gear

    17 9.94%
  • PvP Cache

    25 14.62%
  • M+ Cache

    42 24.56%
  • Lore

    28 16.37%
  • Zone Design

    94 54.97%
  • Class Balance

    15 8.77%
  • Island Expeditions

    29 16.96%
  • War Campaign

    35 20.47%
  • Raid Design

    74 43.27%
  • Warfronts

    16 9.36%
  • Dungeon Design

    53 30.99%
  • Corruption

    18 10.53%
  • Horrific Visions

    61 35.67%
  • Benthic Gear

    32 18.71%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Expeditions and visions were fun.

    As alliance, I also loved war mode. Lots of bonus experience and a few honorable kills once I hit BFA--otherwise a very fast single player game.

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    A lot of these systems were OK. I didn't hate them but they also weren't great. For example, expeditions and warfronts were fun, there was nothing wrong with them but I wouldn't say they were a success. They didn't quite hit the mark and add anything great to the game, but they didn't detract from fun. Horrific Visions, on the other hand, I found really unfun yet I felt compelled to do them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spalernTJ View Post
    Allied Races were ok. Nothing else.
    My thoughts exactly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    Leveling was great, as it always is.
    I had the least fun leveling in this expansion than any of them. I just did not like the zones or the stories for either horde or alliance.

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    I can only think that people voting lore as bfa success are trolling the thread, it has to be a gag

    Also, islands, warfronts, most of those things are massive failures that even blizzard abandon early expansion, same with the awful pvp design

    you could say Allied races, maybe the lv up and benthic gear/visions, other than that almost everything else you can throw in the garbage

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    Horrific visions and zone design were really good. Raids were kind of a mixed bag but solidly in the 2.5/5 rating. Everything else was forgettable.

    Hopefully forgettable.
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    So, should probably add essences on there as a system. As much as I hated farming all the different areas of the game, they were a nice bit of spice in thinking about how to deal damage per raid fight.

    PvP cache - great as a system, but PvP gear item level needs to be on par with raids. If on average it takes X average weeks to obtain X number of items, then that's perhaps the amount of time it should take to earn pvp gear. Take the average time, scale the honor or conquest point requirement to that in terms of time doing PvP. Get rid of extra HP / CP for wins and losses - or at minimum normalize the rewarded HP or CP to faction winrates. Will the average amount of time players reach a certain ilvl actually decrease with this? Yes. Should it? Absolutely yes. People that are doing two modes of the game should be able to find they are more efficient in the game, not less. PvPers should not be stuck with useless low ilvl gear, that they have to take to try to do raids to try to bridge the gap in order to be competitive in their own sphere of the game. Fixing PvP gear will make PvP mainstream and not a side activity.

    M+ chache - Successful to an extent. Ridiculously low chance of actually getting what you want. Still gives maximum ilvl, so it lands positive and is incentive for most to play dungeon content. Also accelerates raid progression and synergizes in making players more efficient in the game. M+ is favored, PvP is not. BOTH need to be favored and have independent paths to gearing. Shadowlands vault integrating all 3 big end game spheres will help here for sure.

    Island Expeditions - Yes these were actually fun for people that were not 'forced' to play them ad nauseum. There was and still is a lot of potential with these that I hope Blizzard can develop to include as a fun side activity in the future. That said, the biggest critique is that Islands feed into a real worry of 'WoW Diablo'. The massive pulls, aoe and rush rush rush approach to completion was expected and pretty fucking bull shit imo. There needed to be a quest narrative introduced with these. Or take multiple visits to explore certain islands. Or have certain enrage mechanics activate when pulls get too large.

    Lore - Overall the lore in the larger part of the game was decent. Drustvar was definitely fantastic and Naz'jatar as a zone was a favorite to play in. Was the larger overarching story riddled with plot holes and ridiculousness? Definitely, however crafting a central focus and evolving story is something expansions up until Legion never even had. The unfolding drama month to month over BfA in retrospect was fun, even if the storytelling itself was poor. Demolishers don't have a 3 mile+ range landing massive elevation arcs. Sylvannas is a ruined character. Garrosh 2.0 for the Horde was painful, especially since Seige of Ogrimmar literally just happened 5 years ago.)

    Design of the game itself was fantastic - zones, raids, dungeons, etc. Art assets carrying an old game to where 'this is how WoW looks' and not thinking twice. OFC raids are amazing. If you play wow to raid you're not going to complain about the expansion very often.

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    Nothing, really.

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    I really liked the essences. The way you aquired them and the way they worked. But not an option in the poll because i don't count them as azerithe gear.

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    i couldn't choose a single one i enjoyed... a few of the zones were gone that's it.
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    Not sure why allied races aren't on here, they would've been my top pick. I'm very glad several allied races that didn't quite make the cut like sandfury trolls, high elves, and wildhammer dwarves will be making it into the game as customizations for existing races.
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    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    If you had essences as option I would have voted that just to vote, but honestly it was a band aid for Azerite Armor and it showed as well. So hard to consider it a success.

    So none is my vote. Most are half assed concept that failed, some was okay/as expected like zone design and the weekly chest but weekly chest was not a BfA system anyway. I liked the Old God lore until 8.3 where it just missed the mark completely(8.2+Aszhara and N'Zoth was very interesting) but then we have the faction war which destroyed the lore overall in BfA.
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    I think the acquisition needed work, but the various essences were quite fun to play around with. Allied races were cool, warfronts were okay, they needed some changes to make them great, but I think they are a system you could adjust and use again.

    Island expeditions, they had some nifty things (easy dump for them to add pets/toys/mounts too), some interesting lore bits (like the return of the Klaxxi Empress and rising of the mogu), but the actual execution left a bit to be desired, and man I was so done with AP after a while.

    Also minus the Mind-numbing meta achievement, I think mechagon was really cool/was a well done zone. Nazjatar was fine, but mechagon caught me by surprise how much I enjoyed it
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    Zone design. Drustvar was a proper British witch hunt complete with a haunted mansion. Boralus is probably the best city they’ve ever made. Zuldazar may be hard to navigate, but it’s immensity is truly a sight to behold.

    Pretty much all the other things can be brushed off and forgotten ever existed.

    Edit. Allied races were a great addition too.

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    Zone and Raid design... all BfA specific features sucked.

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    Honestly: The secrets and minigames (except the turtles of course) were the best features of BfA.

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    I liked islands if I had the same friend group I did in wrath I would have done them a lot more.

    Azerite gear was great being able to mix and match different effects is a great idea though there shouldn’t have been an azerite grind to do so.

    World quest also had a big step up with the mini games like bejeweled and wire cross.

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    Another pointless MMO-C poll. Allied Races would be up there, if it were added.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordVargK View Post
    Honestly: The secrets and minigames (except the turtles of course) were the best features of BfA.
    I could do the match 3 and the leylocked/untangle mini games all day, love those things.
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    Dungeon design has been the worst. Yea, most of them are aesthetically pleasing, but the dungeons are fundamentally designed to have unnecessarily long hallways/clusterfuck conjunctions packed with trash mobs, forcing you to spend more time in each dungeon that in previous expansions.

    And this is all thanks to M+, where they bloat dungeons artificial difficulty with ridiculous mob density and a fucking timer.

    I chose zone design, though praise for that goes no further than 8.0, as Nazjatar was nothing more than Azshara's overgrown backyard. It was plain ugly to look at. I usually enjoy vertical zones in games, but this one was done so piss poorly, it was insulting. Spent forever waiting to see Nazjatar and it ended up being a heap of fucking seaweed and rocks. What a total failure.

    And 8.3 was... 8.3. Lmao
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