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  • Azerite Gear

    17 9.94%
  • PvP Cache

    25 14.62%
  • M+ Cache

    42 24.56%
  • Lore

    28 16.37%
  • Zone Design

    94 54.97%
  • Class Balance

    15 8.77%
  • Island Expeditions

    29 16.96%
  • War Campaign

    35 20.47%
  • Raid Design

    74 43.27%
  • Warfronts

    16 9.36%
  • Dungeon Design

    53 30.99%
  • Corruption

    18 10.53%
  • Horrific Visions

    61 35.67%
  • Benthic Gear

    32 18.71%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neuroticaine View Post
    I had the least fun leveling in this expansion than any of them. I just did not like the zones or the stories for either horde or alliance.
    WoD was way worse imo. This was kind of meh though.

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    The unsub button.

    Seriously, practically nothing on that list of options was executed well.

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    Assaults both the faction and N'zoth are pretty large wins. I would like to include Islands but even though I enjoyed them they sort of missed their mark. Way to busy and turned into zerg (plus the lack of random queue for Mythic even when Mythic was super easy was dumb).
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    Not going to be a popular opinion, but Islands and Warfronts, mechanically speaking, were knocked out of the park for me and mine. The themes were dull and terrestrial, but gameplay wise they were fantastic!

    There always needs to be an "inevitable" entry level gearing progression for players that won't see the point of "the challenge for another 1% damage," and warfronts delivered that.

    The only thing wrong with islands was they had no single player option. Not a solo queue for a group of three (they had that), but a torghast-like "one TO three" player presentation. If they had, I'd have lived in them.

    Heroic visions' only flaws were the cloak unlock questline being unnecessarily long, and the currency grind for vessels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentsi View Post
    As I'm sitting here, wishing pre-patch wasn't so soon, and I'm sure I'm in the minority in regards to that thought. I was reading other posts and trying to reflect on what, if anything, I actually enjoyed in BFA.

    I didn't like the lore, the attack on Zandalar still makes zero sense to me. An attack on Orgrimmar would've made more sense considering we weren't around to defend it. I wasn't a fan of Azerite gear, even playing every day during launch you were weeks/months away from unlocking everything if you raided Mythic tier. Islands? Did anyone even do Islands outside of wanting to cap when you needed AP? The PvP honor system was a mess, forced grinding just to get that extra piece of loot. Class imbalances, Benthic Gear, warfronts. Nothing seemed to be any system I wished for them to continue doing. Corruption seemed to be a neat idea but implemented in a terrible fashion, allowing players to get grossly overpowered, only to remove them without any real reason.

    Am I alone in this? What system do you like, dislike, love, hate, or wish they'd keep around permanently if any?
    Kul Tiras vs Zandalar makes perfect sense considering the naval fleet of Zandalar rivaled that of Kul Tiras and we’re directly in the way of going there.
    Azerite gear wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t good and I didn’t really like it, but I don’t think it deserves the hate it got. It tried to be innovative and offer players multiple choices of playstyle (something players always say they want and are now arguing for meaningful choice with covenants), but it unfortunately failed as there is always a best option.
    Islands were another feature that failed to deliver. I run them for the transmog, mounts, and pets, and haven’t worried about AP from them since BoD. Not really terrible as I can see what Blizzard wanted to do but, yet again, failed to deliver on. They were still fun for a bit, hence why I won’t call them a complete failure.
    PvP honor needs work. I like it’s shared across characters on your account. I also never felt forced to do it for gear or C&S. I did it for C&S, but that’s because I chose to.
    Class imbalance is nothing unique to BfA.
    Benthic gear is just a catch up mechanic that Blizzard has been offering for a while now.
    Warfronts were a failed design attempt. Blizzard tried combining RTS with an MMORPG. While a novel idea it failed to deliver on that front. It also encouraged LFR type behavior with people afk’ing or just being terrible and not trying to improve.
    Overall, I think people are a lot harsher on BfA than it deserves; but, it’s like Nickleback. While not entirely bad on its own and it follows a tried and true formula, it’s just that hating on it is the cool thing to do. That said, it’s not a masterpiece by any means as it also failed to deliver on many of the aspects it wanted to do. The new things, such as Islands and Warfronts, it did were fun for a time and that’s why I won’t say they are failures, but they just didn’t have any staying power.
    Overall I would give BfA a 5.5 or 6/10. It’s fun if you’re a fan of Blizzard and doing organized content. It falls short if you’re a casual player or one of those that just loves to hate on it as it doesn’t have much to keep people entertained if they don’t have something to work for, such as high m+ keys, PvP, or raiding.

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    Corruption: I like the gear concept that corruption builds on. The trade off between positives and negatives. I just didn’t like the acquisition based on RNG and the damage procs based on RNG doing too much damage (Infinite stars etc.). I think it’s sad that Blizzard will have an overall negative perception of the corruption gear because of the major flaws it had. Mainly the acquisition. Because there definitely was some good things about it.

    Horrific visions: I thought these were really fun at first. I like the addition of challenging solo content. However ones you had enough gear you could really faceroll a 5 mask run. And unfortunately Blizzard tied the Mementos system to the visions and thereby incentivized people to spam-run them. This killed the visions for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devylknyght View Post
    Was basically the BFA pre-patch or slightly before, but it was an announced new feature for BFA.

    Also, how come "Nothing" isn't an option? I can't even properly take the poll because it requires you to select an option.
    Tbh, while most of BfA's features were quite crappy, zone design might be the only saving grace. Tiragarde and Drustvar are among the best zones ever made in WoW imo, and even the others weren't that bad when compared to e.g. Gorgrond in WoD or Highmountain in Legion. But even in that regard, Nazjatar was a flop... I hated every single minute I spent on that fish frying pan and its most obnoxious layout, which you had to swallow if you wanted to fly.
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    The new IA. It's underused, but it has potential.

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    I liked the Shell Game and Make Loh Go world quests.
    I liked the quantity and variety of World Quests.
    Bwonsamdi was fun.
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    War Mode. Not on the list, but everything else was poop.
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    The zones and most of the quests were really solid. Great art direction too. Was not a big fan of the War Campaign, especially compared to the Campaigns in Legion. Suramar blew everything in BFA out of the water.

    Lore was a mixed bag. I liked the worldbuilding and the stories in the zones, but the war itself was really disappointing. In retrospect I rather enjoyed the Nazjatar patch and while 8.3 fell a bit short of being the complete package, I did enjoy the Old God stuff. I wish Ny'alotha had been a full zone, but I don't hate the invasions in Uldum and the Vale.

    Dungeons and raids were cool overall.

    Islands weren't great, Horrific Visions were decent, but they're iterations of a system that became Torghast so I think they were necessary building blocks.

    Caches are likewise a decent building block leading to a better implementation in SL.

    Benthic Gear was a decent way to do catchup gear and I liked that there were a bunch of abilities unique to Nazjatar content.

    Didn't really care for Warfronts, but the zone revamps that came with them were really nice.

    Azerite Gear wasn't fun. Some of the abilities were neat but the system overall, even after being fixed, was mediocre. Essences were better. Still worse than Legion's Artifacts.

    I actually really liked Corruption as a concept. Balance wasn't great, but at the end of the expansion being able to stack overpowered shit is actually pretty fun IMO.

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    Seasonal affixes in mythic+ are nice.

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    Uhh... if i have to pick anything from the list... probably raid/zone design?...
    Rest were dogsht.

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    Where is war mode?
    I was fine with most of the list. Except, Island expeditions and Warfronts... I knew when they anounceed them that they will suc* a**. Every time they promote some system as they did this two, you just know that it will be the opposite.

    Also hated the unfriendliness to alts with all the repetitive questing with Magni. I just wanted to kick him ingame more than I wanted to kill Azshara/Nzoth...

    Lore wise, I also really didn't like how pathetic was the Azshara encounter. One of the strongest creatures in history and they dealt with her like some regular weekly world boss... I don't know why they don't know how to repeat the epicness of Illidan, Arthas even Deathwing. Or Garrosh? The last 3expansions end bosses were one big MEH... lorewise of course.

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    I think Essences were a good idea however I would've removed the RNG component from the Rank 4 essence or made it a much higher drop chance at the very least. also, account wide essences in the major patch after introduction should've been a thing.

    Warfronts were good..... but got boring very quickly. at least Islands gave you some variance in mobs, special encounters etc. I think Warfronts were a good concept but they didn't go far enough. They should've launched with 3 of them instead of 1, and added another 3 in future patches and keep them all on the same rotation (contributing to the war effort rather than a specific war effort) and then when it's your turn to attack you queue and get a random one.

    Corruptions were an interesting addition and yeah some people hated them because reasons (one popular one being that it was always your top dps ability or whatever) but I don't really get why people would be upset at doing broken amounts of dps at the tail end of an expansion. I really feel like corruptions was always meant to be a bit of silly fun (remember what that is like) that you have in a computer game and obviously instead people took it way too seriously

    Azerite armor was a failure due to the lack of testing and the overall clunkiness of the system. that is one of the better things about Shadowlands in that yeah there's lots of different things but they have all been thoroughly tested

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    If they had put in Warfronts that they had announced at Blizzcon I would have said Warfronts. But the only things I really liked this xpac were Drustvar story, Allied Races though still not a fan of having to unlock them, and Horrific Visions were also a lot of fun the first few times.
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    At least on the Alliance Side I liked the Zone Design ( Though I still hate the Hordes BFA city even after flight. An Raids for the most part are always fine. Otherwise the rest of the Exp was a bunch of failed experiments with next to effort to correct course..

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    corruptions should have been limited to boe items only.

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    I think one thing excluded here that I very much liked about BfA was the individual stories for the NPCs, like Jaina's whole deal. The storytelling via quests was better than usual too (Legion was also solid on the latter, but BfA still slightly ahead).

    I think that's a bit different from "the lore" because the rather forced Horde/Alliance confrontation and a lot of the Sylvanas stuff was a bit crap. It's sad because a H/A confrontation would make sense, but it should have been more of a shearing, which part of both sides fighting, and part not (which is what Legion was attempting to portray), and that conflict never had any time to breathe, because there was too much else going on.

    Warfronts and Islands were a dud for me. Islands shouldn't have been some 3-man-only RUSH GOGOGOGOOGOGO RUSH GOGOGOGO deal. I mean, it's fine, I guess, but I still don't even really know what the Islands look like because I was too busy RUSH GOGOGOGOGOOGOGing them (I'm never going to willingly let other players down, soz). They should have been 1-5 person from the get-go, and should have had a mode which wasn't a rush, where the AI NPCs were inhabitants of the Island, or it's existing owners or something. I hope they bring back AI NPCs in some form, because they were quite fun, but like, don't give me content I only ever get to see as a blur, guys.

    Warfronts were just meh. Nice idea but it never felt particularly engaging, particularly there felt like there was very little connection between what you were doing and whether you won (and pre-Heroic, you always eventually won), very much unlike Alterac Valley, say. I think they should have been a bit more about "You must capture and defend these places to win, and when you capture them it'll feel like you're winning". Also probably should have been slightly harder by default (or alternatively easier, but had Heroic and Mythic version from day 1).

    Quote Originally Posted by Lulbalance View Post
    WoD was way worse imo. This was kind of meh though.
    Agreed. Garrisons + lack of content + ridiculous AU storyline added up to a pretty dreadful expansion. I defended Garrisons a lot at the time and I could see why they made them, but the longer I interacted with them, the less I liked them, and I was beyond sick of them by the time the expansion finished.

    Cataclysm was even worse for me, personally. The entire tone of the launch expansion was off, like everything was a bad joke in a way that had never been true in WoW before (where instead like, you had the odd quest that was a bad joke), which I'm told was because it was pushed out before they could polish/re-examine that kind of stuff. It also had launch dungeons and raids that were frustrating and fugly rather engaging and cool, and the peak most annoying take on Dailies WoW has ever had, where you basically had them as mandatory to log in and do like 20 of every day (I forget the exact cap), which took 1-2 hours (usually closer on 2), and meaning half your time online for any given evening was likely forced to be spent on that. Then after two months, you were 100% done with them, and you suddenly had a lot of time to notice that there was absolutely no content worth doing - heroic dungeons were worthless, because the gear wasn't good enough and there were no other real rewards, the jail-themed world PvP area was trash compared to Lake Wintergrasp... and that was it. Despite playing WoW since launch, I'd never previously had a time when I was literally just logging in to raid, then logging off, but I was in Cataclysm, and as the raids were fugly and annoying, that wasn't even fun, so as soon as we were done with the Heroic versions of the 2 launch raids, I just logged off and didn't log back in. Maybe Firelands etc. didn't suck, but w/e. And the Dragon Soul definitely sucked, I still had friends playing and they were not fans.

    I've never quit WoW for as long as I quit back then - I didn't come back until towards the end of Pandaria. Ironically I might never have if it wasn't for LFR, but that's a long story (I don't love or even really like LFR, but it did get me back).
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    I could only come up with two on your list that I thought was well developed, those were the raids and the war campaign.

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