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    Quote Originally Posted by Mosha View Post
    I like this idea with leveling I just don’t know how you would implement it realistically without breaking the game.

    More quests with less xp? Well that would be a TON of quests I couldn’t see this happening.

    Way way tougher mobs to slow down leveling like crazy? This would promote being boosted like crazy.

    Only possible way I can think is to force people to level through questing by making mobs give little to no xp. Make quests take an astronomical amount of requirements to accomplish. Think like onyxia attunement but for just regular quests. Also you would have to make it so if someone attacks your mob or does more than a certain % of damage it gives no credit. And if your grouped with someone a certain level above you it also doesn’t count.
    It's hard to implement in the current state of the game. You'd need to revisit the way Classic/TBC/WotLK handled leveling. Those were roughly how long it took a normal player to accomplish leveling without the use of guides from what my memory serves.

    Basically you slow combat down, require out of combat regeneration, make combat more strategic, make mobs more difficult, and make quests require a bit more investment than simply following an arrow and killing the glowing mobs or picking up the sparkles. This also requires a reduction in player power per level, and a reduction in overall player power. Even at level 60, players would have issues soloing lower level dungeons. If memory serves, a level 60 would usually hit a wall around the level 20-30 range before they'd start needing help again. Nowadays a max level player can just walk into a low level dungeon and just absolutely nuke everything. Soloing old raids didn't really become a thing until MoP and beyond because player power was kept in check, barring a few bosses like Onyxia that could be cheesed.

    The quests themselves? I'm not sure if you'd actually need more of them or not. I don't feel like level 1-60 had more quests per level than say 110-120 did, just that the quests for the last 10 were done so much more quickly. Leveling in Classic, quests took a long time to do, and quests usually had many more objectives to complete. Modern quests give a lot more exp for a lot fewer objectives. I.e. usually you only need to kill 10 mobs today, versus old quests rarely required less than 20-30 mobs.

    Exploration and crafting were built more into the game as well, with tangible rewards. You wanted to cook and level first aid and a crafting profession because it made leveling so much easier. I remember my first toon ever, I was a level 26 paladin when someone convinced me to double back and pick up cooking, first aid, fishing, herbalism, and alchemy. The constant buffs, potions, elixirs, and more made leveling so much easier despite the additional time investment.

    It's a philosophical distinction really. I enjoy the journey in RPGs. I liked the long meandering road to max level, and loved it again when I played Classic. I do wish, especially since we now have 3 weeks before raids open, that modern expansions would embrace a meandering path to max level again. Let us explore the new world, level our crafts, and earn our stripes.

    Then make it really quick on alts, I don't like doing it again!
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    No-lifer altohalics are hardcores and not casuals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojusk View Post
    i dont think that there should be catch up mechanics or alt friendlyness
    Why not though?

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    Bringing back old characters to the lore for the hype potential (post-mop) made the lore extremly cringy and unenjoyable

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    There is to much testing before stuff is released now. It ruins the exploration part of the game.

    Troll female is by far the hottest race/gender in game.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ulfric Trumpcloak View Post
    People on this site hate everything. Keep that in mind.

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    Death knights and demon hunters was a mistake.

    Wotlk was extremely overrated and it started the downfall of the original game feel.

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    This may not be an unpopular opinion, but flying never hurt a damn thing (including world PvP), and it was a fun addition to the game. It was fine the way it worked for four expansions before someone decided it was a "problem" that needed to be "fixed" when WoD came along.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
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    unless they have tentacles and more then 2 eyes.

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    I liked garrisons. The art for the alliance garrison was awesome, horde not so much, and I loved recruiting epic mount followers every week and building up a perfect roster of followers over the course of months of min/maxing. And I wasn't even one of the people that did this on multiple characters to generate as much gold as possible; I just did it on my main and maybe an alt eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    i will start

    the graphics on the game could be better.
    the ingame store is not bad

    the 6month subscribing ( cheapest way if you play all the time) rewards are cool idea ( latest excecution is wack)

    Garrisons are/where a cool thing. Needed some work but a cool idea.

    Void elves are not high elves.

    Blood elves are not high elves

    Alliance has it worse as the horde ( storywise/amount of story, allied races, racials, mounts etc etc)

    Garrosh did bad things

    Jaina is a troubled and somewhat mistaken women. But a good hero. Not evil

    pathfinder is a good system. Timing could be better. But not flying at max level ding is a good thing.

    to name a few.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baskev View Post
    Void elves are not high elves.

    Blood elves are not high elves
    While everyone is entitled to their opinion those aren't opinions. Those are you just being wrong about facts. I can say my opinion is that that the sky is made of elephant jizz and not clouds made of water. But that's just me trying to state a factual claim as an opinion and I would be wrong about that fact.
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    1) People claim that only the top 1% care about performance which is absolute bullcrap. I’m nowhere near the top 1% but I care about performance very much. I like min-max’ing just because it’s fun. It’s fun to try out different builds and see how well you can perform. It has nothing to do with eliteism. People just use this as an excuse for sucking at the game.

    2) People like to claim that the 99% aka the majority is one united group which is absolute bullcrap. They say things like “this is what the 99% want” or “the 99% don’t care about this” simply to push their own agenda. They claim the represent the majority to push their own opinions. But the 99% of the player base includes everything from mythic raiders to LFR raiders to mount collectors.. the opinions of the 99% are as different from each other as night and day. Stop making it sound like we are one united group of ultra casuals because we are not.

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    Unpopular opinion:

    This thread would be 100% better if people could provide reasoning behind their opinions.

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    Legion was by far the worst expac.

    S&D returning is very good.

    Shadowlands looks amazing and the specs in the prepatch are great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Advent View Post
    I was talking about the lack of difficulty modes when I referred to TBC, since Wrath of the Lich King introduced 10 man versions of the 25 man raids.
    Except you also mentioned

    -World quests
    -Borrowed Power
    -Catchup Gear

    Which quite frankly also raises much more questions:
    -TBC had catchup gear (2.3 & 2.4) as well as WoD
    -No expansion before Legion had any actual borrowed power, at least in the way Legion / Bfa have been doing them
    (Why bring up TBC / WoD in particular then?)
    -Heroic dungeons in TBC is basically M+'s ancestor
    -TBC introduced Daily quests and had outdoor grinds for profession related items (which is basically a more grindy version of World quests)

    Even ignoring the fact that WoD was the very expansion that introduced the current raiding model of four difficulties without any shared lockout between them.

    You just wanted bash those "evil hardcore raiders" and listed some things that is popular among certain circles of that particular audience, nothing less.
    If you dislike the preferences of that audience, whatever, but at least make sure that your argument is actually solid and not just a random list of things some of those people like.

    Putting aside that there is only an extremely loose connection between the design of TBC and WoD.
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    I really like BFA. Every expansion since the beginning of WoW has just made the game better and better as time went on. I have liked every expansion since the start, none of them I have ever hated or disliked.
    BFA is my top expansion because it obviously is much more polished than the previous expansions in almost every way. I liked the questing. I liked the art. I liked the music. I especially liked the war campaign, both Horde and Alliance, and I wish that there were more of these long storylines in every expansions afterwards, with all of its twists and turns.
    I think the reason why I have liked every xpac is because I have dabbled in almost every category of activity in the game throughout. I have never gotten bored of WoW. I always have something to do no matter what point the xpac is in. Obviously I have never done like the highest difficulty of the activities such as like rated BGs or mythic raids (I did like I think maybe 2(?) rated BGs and like the 1st two bosses of mythic SoO in WoD in the whole lifetime of the game I have played).

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    the game is too childish nowadays

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    Transmog is grown men dressing up. I dont care about looks...I have 1 transmog on my main (tier4) and thats enough.

    Pet battles is the worst content blizzard has added to the game. Sadly it made a lot of collectibles etc tied to
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaver View Post
    1) People claim that only the top 1% care about performance which is absolute bullcrap. I’m nowhere near the top 1% but I care about performance very much. I like min-max’ing just because it’s fun. It’s fun to try out different builds and see how well you can perform. It has nothing to do with eliteism. People just use this as an excuse for sucking at the game.
    I'll agree to this one. I've always been more of a casual player, in a guild that was nowhere near top 1% (not even that on our server, much less US or world), but I still tried to do everything I could to min/max, farmed consumables, kept up to date with guides on my class/spec, squeeze out every bit of extra performance I could, etc. And it bothered me some when I saw others not bothering.

    These were all friends/guildies, and I loved them, and again, we raided at a casual level, but it still kinda pissed me off when we had those < 10% wipes on bosses, and half the raid (including some of our best DPS) wasn't even bothering with flasks or food buffs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    never dick crazy.
    unless they have tentacles and more then 2 eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardenaso View Post
    Blizzard turning the Horde into genocidal warmongers twice, is Alliance bias

    why else would they make the Alliance into damsels in distress + the heroes
    We both get shafted. Nelf fans don't feel like heroes at all. More like Blizz devs punching bag, reaching back to Cata...

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    WoD was great, legion's bad outweighed its good by a significant margin and burnt me and most of my friends out on the game. BFA doubled down on legion's bad yet people don't seem to realize it.
    ..and so he left, with terrible power in shaking hands.

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