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    Quote Originally Posted by nekobaka View Post
    No-lifer altohalics are hardcores and not casuals.
    True. Raid progression and loot are temporary. Alts last forever.

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    World of Warcraft is in Fact NOT a dead game.
    "How you build your character is not a feature of a MMORPG, it is the feature. Everything else is secondary even the gameplay itself is secondary to building your character, its the kind of stuff you think about when you are at work or school and couldnt wait to go home to play WoW or Diablo 2. We have all done it." ~Into, 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daffan View Post
    Catchup mechanics are dumb (alts are very ok) and Blizzard is in a rut. Ironically most people who cry about content drought also skip it all with welfare.

    inb4 "U R ELITIST!" even though average players suffer the most from this problem, ur gear grind is worthless and ur progression is worthless all because the next freebies are better/equal. Mythic raiders are the only ones unscathed! as the gear/prog they get is needed right than and there to beat Mythic.

    Blizzard got so desperate to keep people raiding even though average person says "screw this i'll just wait for patch freebies" they started limited time mounts like grove warden and spell wing because gear progression was so useless waste of time for average player!! I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard made limited time transmog tints/colours per raid tier to make doing a raid more than once worth it for average player!!
    The main problem here is playing together with friends and getting quickly geared up to do higher level Mythics and Raids. I do agree though, I wish the game had a longer substantial gear progression grind that felt good to obtain. Catch-up mechanics for alts are more than appreciated and great if you have done stuff on your main.

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    World of Warcraft, in its current iteration, is the game we deserve but not the one we need right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonrage View Post
    Some of mine:

    - I really dislike steampunk (flying machines, choppers, gnome/goblin inventions) and "science" fantasy (space ships and whatever). I prefer high and- medieval fantasy.

    - Richard A Knaak is a terrible writer and I'll never forgive him for butchering the War of the Ancients novels.

    - Female guards don't make any sense except for a few races (Night Elves, Orcs, Tauren). Most races should have an exclusively male guard. There ain't no way a female human has any chance against a Tauren, Orc, Demon or Zombie unless she's a magic user. (yes our player characters are the exception)

    - Jaina got better after the destruction of Theramore.

    - The new customization options were a good start, but they're still very lacking.
    Erm, while I agree from the perspective of realism that a 50/50 split of male and female "soldiers" is silly. The relative difference between a man and a woman versus...a minotaur in melee combat is negligible. They'd both get stomped, "realistically".

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    99% of the "feedback"/"suggestions" people post on here/reddit is meaningless bullshit that should rightly be ignored, Day9 said it more eloquently

    Quote Originally Posted by Xarim View Post
    It's a strange and illogical world where not wanting your 10 year old daughter looking at female-identifying pre-op penises at the YMCA could feasibly be considered transphobic.

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    Mythic raids should have a 10 man option

    LFR is harder than normal/heroic

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    Leveling should take a really long time. Though now that it's super fast, I wouldn't want it changed back. It just felt way more satisfying hitting max level in Classic vs Retail.

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    As much as I personally would love it, Blizz has made the right call thus far in not having a mobile Pet Battle app. It sounds fun, but the logistical problems would make it nearly not worth it. At best, it would almost certainly be a minimized version of pet battles that just wouldn't hold up to the in-game version.

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    Vanilla wasn't that was new and we didnt have access to information like we do now so it had a mystery about it.

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    MoP was the best expansion and Pandas are awesome

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    LFR was by far the greatest thing to happen to WoW and its tech is criminally underutilised. LFD and LFR should be extended to all dungeon and PvP modes.

    Firelands was the worst raid in Cataclysm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    i will start

    the graphics on the game could be better.
    Blizzard hiring bigots like Madeleine Roux and LL McKinney is damaging to the brand. Also Cross-Faction PvE should have been implemented ages ago, and the horde v alliance conflict is stupid.

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    The increased accessibility of raiding, public knowledge and simplification of base game mechanics, cause the skill level of the players to proportionally decline.

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    I think on-use trinkets are stupid and should be removed from the game entirely. Most of the time they don't line up with your cooldowns making them awkward to use and take up an extra hotbar slot.

    Give me more interesting passive effects on trinkets.

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    cata had high highs ( 4.0 and 4.2 firelands) and low lows (4.1 troll dungeons and 4.3 DS)

    everyone hates cata for lfr but I assume you're using some transmog, which was released in cata

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimithDAEN View Post
    cata had high highs ( 4.0 and 4.2 firelands) and low lows (4.1 troll dungeons and 4.3 DS)

    everyone hates cata for lfr but I assume you're using some transmog, which was released in cata
    It is unfortunately many ignored Tom's acknowledgement early launch that 1-60 hurt post launch non-raid endgame content along with later choices including the troll dungeon split and firelands along with other devs acknowledgement of the need to push out LFR early to make up for the lack of non-raid end game. Both GC and Ion had commented on the want to make raiding the endgame for non-raiders due to inherent content life due to weekly loot lockout.

    Had 1-60 revamp not resulted in cut non-raid endgame content we would of likely seen the second content patch dungeons dropping at higher gear levels which was a large point of contention, the Naga raid cut is still hidden, DS was a rush job, and MoPs LFR would of IMO launched more conservative rather than the place for casual raiders including casual raid guilds the devs envisioned while trying to kill off PuG raiding which was still alive on high population realms and did not see a healthy return until flex proving that PuG raiding had a place and just needed the tools to support it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    LFR was by far the greatest thing to happen to WoW and its tech is criminally underutilised. LFD and LFR should be extended to all dungeon and PvP modes.

    Firelands was the worst raid in Cataclysm.
    I don't want to be forced to play with bad players by LFD/LFR tools. Wiping over and over again because people cannot do mechanics or utilize their classes correctly is not fun.

    The game is best when people of equal skill play together.

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    Purple gear should only drop trough mythic+ and heroic+ raiding. LFR should only drop blue gear.

    "Normal" raiding difficulty should be removed and
    "Heroic" raiding difficulty should be "normal".

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    Legendaries being common items each expansion is an attrocious idea and terrible to the fundamentals of what it means to collect rare and coveted items in an RPG. Specific items when warranted and avaliable that drop on raid bosses, for example, tusks of mannoroth, gorehowl, blackhands hammer, etc etc etc, anything iconic or special, should be a ridiculously low drop chance and have orange/bone coloured text, something to grind and work towards, something to get excited to get. Its an RPG after all, some things should be incredibly rare.

    Similar to how Taeshalach and Scythe of the Unmaker were, incredibly rare drops, something to get excited over. This should be normal throughout all raid tiers and they shouldnt just be epics. Im not saying make them overpowered, just make them slightly better like tusks were, give them an extra 5 ilvls and or an additional socket for example.

    Also if it wasnt for dragon soul being absolutely dog awful, followed by a ridiculous wait time before the next xpan, Cata was a great expansion. Vashjir was an incredibly interesting fun zone. It just needed a better system to help you figure out when stuff was above/below you.

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