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    How old were you when you first played WOW?

    i was about 11/12 with my old brother.

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    I was 12, started in late TBC.
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    About 17 IIRC.

    I think was about 13 I think when I first started getting into Blizzard products. I still remember when I got Warcraft II BNE and how hyped I was for Warcraft III. Good times!

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    23 years old.
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    I was born in 84, WoW came out in 05, so... 21, I guess.

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    I was 13 when I first played wow.

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    God do I feel old. To answer the question: in my early 30s.

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    I started playing shortly after my 30th birthday back in 2004

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    10 years old, my birthday was roughly 3 months prior to the launch of WoW and I played it the week it came out. I only played it for about 12 hours total before dropping it for a few years. I actually got into playing it beyond the starting area in TBC, and raided late-TBC->mid-Legion.
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    I was 18 i think
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    I was 35. Started first char Jan 28 2005.

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    24 or 25 :S Damn I m old now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevcairiel View Post
    I was born in 84, WoW came out in 05, so... 21, I guess.
    You being born in 84 makes me feel old. My spouse graduated from high school that year...

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    something over 24. joined at some point during TBC all I can find is info on the release. it was actually the episodes of south park the simpsons and american dad that drew me to check it out. all airing in 2006/7

    I had played starcraft when I was younger so I was familiar with blizzard, wasn't familiar with or wasn't interested in warcraft at the time though.
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    15 years old, in summer 2005, started playing because someone recommended it to me from a different gaming community I was in at the time. Weird, to think I went from C&C Generals to WoW.
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    30, where has the time gone.
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    9/10 back in 06 or so

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    I think I was 11 or 12, jesus. It's been so long the exact age escapes me but I remember running around goldshire on my garbage desktop in Vanilla in my old childhood bedroom just fine. Fuck I feel old now.

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    I was about 22, vanilla.

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    I was a senior in high school (17) when it first was released back on November 23, 2004. I skipped school with a very good friend the day it came out. We're still friends to this day.

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