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    Quote Originally Posted by loras View Post
    Given that there have been singular drop-chance specific items going for millions of gold it should be evident that that is bullshit. ^^
    It doesn't need to have anything to do with it, but luck can and often does come into play very clearly.

    People always want to believe their "achievement" has nothing to do with luck so as to not detract from their own part in its occurence, but in practice that's rarely true.
    And such people will attempt to distort heaven and earth to obscure the truth from themselves and others.
    Lol ok and how many of those items dropped ever? 2 ?

    2 out of 100000 dinos; are you making your argument on that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by loras View Post
    Raid preparation, saving time travelling while preparing?
    I agree it's a stretch that it'd be a decisive benefit for competition, but you'd have to be blind or intentionally not looking to not see its benefit.
    I mean for crying out loud there's a reason people were not only willing but hurrying to fork over 5 million gold for it.
    And it's not raid preparation, that much i can tell you. Time spent traveling to, from and browsing the AH is a miniscule fraction of raid preparation time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marakara View Post
    People are throwing around the words "modest benefit" and "minor benefit" when they should really be using negligible benefit.
    Actually its even negative, because more players come to raid unprepared because "nah, there are AH mount in the raid, can buy it right in the raid" - "So, are you ready to pull?" - "Nopenopenope! Can you pls summon AH I forgot to buy flask!" - "Can we pull now?" - "Ops, I forgot to buy potions! Can you put longboi?" - ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by epigramx View Post
    I heard that conspiracy theory (it's the most popular one) but I tend to think that even if it's true they probably realized they messed up.

    If they remove all need to go to towns the MMO becomes even more single-player and I suspect they felt that item leads to that.

    As a result I conclude that they will not bring another (*unlimited charges) mobile AH but they will also nerf the longboi.

    - - - Updated - - -

    That's a non sequitur. That still takes time that could be put to progress. Some people have lives outside WoW too.
    They won't add another but they absolutely won't nerf the current. People who save up 5 million gold are not a group you want to alienate because they are consistent consumers also a not insignificant number of people probably bought tokens to finish off the grind.

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