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    I quite like the quieter start of the music, but it could start sooner I agree. By the time I've logged in, the main theme hasnt even kicked in. I've disliked it in the past when you barely started the game and you were blared away by loud horns.

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    Quote like the login music.

    LOVE the throwback music during the Exiles Reach starting questing experience.
    Exile's reach theme being a callback to the og warcraft music is an absolute win. I got chills.

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    Shadowlands' login theme isn't my favorite by a long shot, but I think the main wow theme taking 37 seconds to kick in isn't that big of a deal. For cata's, it takes 90 seconds for the main theme to actually come in. While in wrath, it takes 40 seconds. Mop takes about 27 seconds as well. And those three are some of the best.

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    I like the new music, it has parts with a strong Star Wars vibe but then meanders off. I mean there are subjective aspects to liking music, but you definitely can't say they did a bad job, it was obviously written, recorded/mixed by highly skilled individuals.
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    ...What the fuck? Shadowlands' Login Screen had a heavy death tone to it in the beginning, similar to the usual spirit world tracks you hear after you die in game.

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    OP must have forgotten to actually listen to it.

    It's pretty good.

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    First 3 minutes were quite good and fresh, the rest sounded like generic fantasy music. Sad. They shouldnt have throw Russel Brower away after Draenor, he was Warcraft music.

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    Gotta disagree here OP. I like the quieter tones of death that start out the login music. It sets the tone of being near a Spirit Healer and/or close to death & mourning, which fits well with the theme. The classic stuff is there as well afterwards, but slightly different. It's recognizable, but isn't perfectly the login music we've all gotten used to. I think this is better than the BfA music personally.

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    No. Best one to date honestly, mostly because I love the music they incorporated from the other zones.
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    Yeah, I'm not really a fan of it. I kinda wish there was an addon that changed login screen music. I liked the MoP one
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    It's not my favourite, but it's not bad.

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    Here's the thing. It's really awesome music. It's a beautiful and haunting WoW themed song. It doesn't fit the login screen though. It's always been a hype start to the songs on login to get you pumped, and this one doesn't do that.

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    I loved it! The Legends of Azeroth remaster gives me chills every time I listen to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HighlordJohnstone View Post
    ...What the fuck? Shadowlands' Login Screen had a heavy death tone to it in the beginning, similar to the usual spirit world tracks you hear after you die in game.
    If anything, the problem imo is that it doesn't maintain that mood, and explodes half a minute later into a big, "epic" fanfare which completely kills the serene, even mournful mood of the beginning.
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    I love it, and the music in the Shadowlands zones and Oribos is nice too.

    I'd say the music department did hit it out of the park, again.
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    My favorite login screen medley in a long time.

    That’s my opinion.

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    My first impression is that it's okay, maybe a little weak. But maybe it'll grow on me. That's how music works anyway.

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    I like it for a few reasons.

    1. Its different. I don't recall a login screen having tepid music like this before. Often they are very loud and in your face, so I value it being a change of pace.
    2. It feels suitable to the ghost/death theme of what Shadowlands addresses.
    3. There is decent character to it throughout.

    The thing with Opinions is they are based on underlying beliefs in what is good/enjoyable. As others have noted, it's to each his own. I listen to the WoW OST's in my spare time and for those one - the melody around 3min its awesome. Gave me chills. If what you want is a fast hard and heavy song within 5-10s of logging in - that's certainly your taste but don't think for a minute that you're representative in such an assessment.

    TLDR; For me it's the best Expansion theme they've done.

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    I didn't like it either. Sounds like a generic fantasy medieval theme.

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    i kind of agree. i just listened to it for the first time just now but that opening was not good the login screen. that was more of a serene opening but the first thing you see is a giant reality hole in the sky. that opening would've been better for pandaria. i did enjoy the part where they used the original wrath login music as an underscore but then it fell flat once it stopped using it. i might be wrong but it felt like only 2 notes were being played for like 10 to 15 seconds.

    i don't know about any music for the rest of the expac but i do kind of feel let down by this login music.

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