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    Quote Originally Posted by luciano View Post
    The patch broke the game for me. Literally unplayable as my mouse no longer works. Can't find a solution and Blizzard customer support has been useless.
    Are you using Atlas Loot?

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    I feel so weak now. My auto-attack damage is also much lower now. Can't one shot some monsters with a single auto-attack anymore that I've been able to before. And it's not related to corruptions.

    And my speed set is also about 40% slower, which happens always when level cap is increased.

    Alt leveling speed is also much faster, and I preferred slow leveling. It was like meditation to me.

    So overall I don't like the pre-patch. It added nothing of value that I like, at least that I have seen yet. But when the catch up gear becomes available, that's a different story.

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    Not a fan of lower numbers and squish. And no addons work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    tried leveling my lightforged paladin - tuning of dungeons is completly fucked up and not in line with changes to classes. healing on low level feels very unfun . tanking ? tanking depends only on healer - if he will be able to keep tank up .
    I wonder if this is due to people have gotten used to the old heirlooms being op or is there really a tuning issue. Have not run any old dungeons so I do not know for sure. Would not surprise me though if players needs to re-adjust due to the heirlooms.

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    Not enough options for this poll.

    Where is the "It's ok" "Nothing special" or "Fantastic."

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    I don't understand why mages can heal and tank damage like this

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    Right now no the Scourge invasion stuff hasn't started.

    Note: If you are having trouble with pre patch and use Atlas Loot, disable it. I learned the hard way.
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