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    Thumbs down Flaming Posts in Politics not getting infracted - Bias is obvious

    I have seen numerous flaming posts. I have reported these posts. None of them get infracted, warned, or punished in any way. It seems if you support Biden or are far left and flame/insult someone nothing happens but if you're in the middle or of the right or stand no where politically dare you take up for yourself against someone cursing at you, namecalling and all, YOU will get punished.

    The election megathread specifically
    is full of these posts.

    What's the point of reporting an obvious bait and/or flaming post if nothing will happen to the person? If you're gonna make the rules STAND BY THEM. I can point out several posts against others and myself that have gone punished -- I HAVE CHECKED.

    You need to get to work on this or find some better moderators. This is absolutely awful. If the rule is to be left and/or biden supportive then make it so. We shouldn't be cursed out by people simply because we share a different opinion and we get punished for it.
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    Making threads to report moderators is against the rules. PM a Global if you have specific complaints.

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    Flaming is not allowed full stop. It has nothing to do with whatever opinions the poster might hold, and in a lot of cases yall are vastly overestimating how much we're even aware of what someone's political ideology is.

    If stuff is missed, it is absolutely because we don't have enough bodies to read every single post and make sure no reports slip through the cracks. We have two moderators for all of Politics (obligatory plug of the mod application: https://www.mmo-champion.com/modapply.php as we are always looking for new quality posters to join the team). Like all moderators, they are also volunteers and do this part time. The unfortunate reality of that situation is that shit is going to get missed in those circumstances, especially in a thread that has over twenty thousand posts.

    If the offending posts are egregious, you are welcome report them again after 8-10 hours if they haven't been handled. This will bump the report and hopefully give another chance for the team to see it. We don't want or like the inconsistency of some things getting missed and I understand the frustration with it (it is frustrating to us too) but there's not a whole lot we can do but keep recruiting mods and hoping good people apply to help us out. Applications are always open, but we can't just conjure up quality posters to promote. They need to apply first.

    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

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