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    Quote Originally Posted by TrollHunter3000 View Post
    Not really lmao, they don't even have a million active subs. They'll go free to play soon I'm sure.
    proceeds to link a more than likely inaccurate website showing they have 1,484,075 subs as of october 2020 according to the graph. friendo. why did you go out of your way to prove yourself wrong?

    even if you go by the wildly different numbers shown below, it is, as i said, still gaining in popularity and still over the million subs you said they didnt have. so im not seeing how they are failing and probably going to free to play soon.

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    SWTOR just added a new event from which the main reward is decorations for housing and the mission-area is constantly swamped and world boss groups are non-stop forming, even at 2AM. Meanwhile WoW is chugging on with the same old Halloween event with long queues because no one is doing it unless they're still gunning for the mount and literally no one is doing the game world parts.
    Shut your goddamn mouth, Gene!

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