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    Quote Originally Posted by TrollHunter3000 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TrollHunter3000 View Post
    Not really lmao, they don't even have a million active subs. They'll go free to play soon I'm sure.
    proceeds to link a more than likely inaccurate website showing they have 1,484,075 subs as of october 2020 according to the graph. friendo. why did you go out of your way to prove yourself wrong?

    even if you go by the wildly different numbers shown below, it is, as i said, still gaining in popularity and still over the million subs you said they didnt have. so im not seeing how they are failing and probably going to free to play soon.

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    SWTOR just added a new event from which the main reward is decorations for housing and the mission-area is constantly swamped and world boss groups are non-stop forming, even at 2AM. Meanwhile WoW is chugging on with the same old Halloween event with long queues because no one is doing it unless they're still gunning for the mount and literally no one is doing the game world parts.
    Shut your goddamn mouth, Gene!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcsaar View Post
    Housing in UO was A LOT different than it can EVER be in an MMO like WoW today. Public houses with vendors were meaningful because you didn't have a global AH, decorating with rares, furniture, and housing addons was superbly enjoyable if you're into that like I am. While I can see decorating houses being possible in WoW, I can't see vendors ever serving a real purpose with the AH existing (which it always will), and I don't see any possibility at all of a housing system that isn't instanced, thus defeating that feeling of people getting to come in and see your decorating, etc.

    I said Garrison's were Blizzard's experiment of player housing because that is exactly what they were. Yea, it wasn't just a house you plopped down, but the intent was that it would fill a similar purpose as the players sort of home base where they could choose buildings with different functionalities (like profession buildings) or a portal hub, etc.

    But since you were so unfairly harsh towards my post, I feel its only equally fair for me to say to you:

    "So I mean I get it. You didn't get the feature you wanted" Garrisons weren't what YOU considered player housing, but that is, in fact, what their purpose was. Had they decided that it was a worth while system to pursue, they could have expanded it into a system that allowed you your own place to decorate or even be freely decorated all around your "claimed area"; but they opted not to pursue it any further, as they felt it pulled away from the social aspect of the game and its cities, even in
    just that simple of a form.
    I want to apologize about vendors, because I wasn't clear on that and that's on me. Public houses with vendors is not a thing that matters because of the economy, it's a flavor thing, like literally everything else. This is a flavor feature, not an economy feature, and I should have been more elaborate about that.

    But back on topic... garrisons are literally not housing, and the fact you are calling it such makes it clear that you either have no idea what you are talking about, or just don't care and are being willfully ignorant.

    You might as well argue that class order halls are housing too because you customize npcs you recruit. Or the Pandaria farmhouse housing (probably a better version of housing than Garrisons even because you can at least upgrade your furniture and add flavor to it, even if you can't customize it). Hell let's just call covenants housing too because according to your definition literally anything that can be phased in any way and has npcs or features you can customize in any indirect way is "Housing".

    Yes, I was harsh, but fair in this case. I was "harsh" because I am tired of seeing this illogical argument.

    Imagine if UO only had one type of generic, shitty house with no furniture in the game whatsoever, and when players weren't happy with the fact there was no customization and just had a empty block house they decided to just remove all houses because no one liked the lack of customization. This is basically what you are arguing here, except that garrisons aren't even designed to be housing. They are designed to encourage players to run chores, etc. I am not going to reiterate my entire post again, however.

    It's forgivable because Blizzard wanted to act like they were (they knewe this was bullshit, we knew this was bullshit, I am sorry that you do not), but it doesn't change the facts that absolutely nothing about garrisons was appealing to players, and it had literally absolutely none of the features players wanted from housing. If I take a chicken and call it a majestic soaring eagle, it doesn't make it one just because they are both birds and I called it something it isn't.

    There's really nothing to argue here. If you feel I am being too harsh to you, then tough shit. Don't make a reply downplaying a feature just because you are salty about an unrelated feature didn't get added. Focus on the topic and don't pretend like unrelated topics have anything to do with them. This thread was about housing, not whether or not you got necromancers. See, now I'm actually being harsh.

    None of this matters because Blizzard is never going to add housing anyways, so I have no idea why I am wasting my time explaining any of this to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by araine View Post
    you are wrong, lots of the things you say doesnt exist with garrisons is infact in the game currently, in the garrison
    Yeah no. You're wrong and you can't even take a second giving a single example because you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Why even respond if you have nothing to discuss? This wasn't directed at you anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krimzin View Post
    Hell ya, I'd jump on board that boat all day.
    WoW has been dumbing down gameplay for years to cater to the lowest common denominator.
    WoW was from start supposed to be easy.... WoW was made by people who came from elder scroll and wanted something easy and accessible and the success of wow proved them right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrollHunter3000 View Post
    Not really lmao, they don't even have a million active subs. They'll go free to play soon I'm sure.
    yeah no. not that anyone belives your claim but even if wow only had 100k subs that still be 1.300.000 bucks a month and no one is throwing that kind of money just out of the window.

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