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    Quote Originally Posted by kodemonkee View Post
    I am a boomer lol, I was 22 when WoW released and was working beside uni.
    If you were 22 in 2004, then you aren't a boomer, bruh. You're a millenial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    Most of us started WoW at a very young age, and we didn't have our own credit cards. How did you pay for WoW when you were young? I basically had a friend pay for me, because he owed me monies. What about you?
    Credit card, ofc..

    I started to play when I was 35, during TBC..
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    Quote Originally Posted by jellmoo View Post
    Nah. Being a newlywed means you make mistakes like "asking for permission". After 15+ years of marriage you learn the art of "asking for forgiveness".
    And after 25+ you don't bother asking for SHIT!

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    Played on and off. When I had saved up some money, I bought a card. When I didnt have money I couldn't play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryonas View Post
    And after 25+ you don't bother asking for SHIT!
    If you want a happy marriage in a dual income household, both parties should put 50% of their net into a joint account for the day to day shit - mortgage, insurance, food, etc - and the other 50% should remain your money. Cuts way down on arguments, resentments, etc and leads to a happier life.

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    saved up lunch money and bought 60 days game cards, i still have the game card boxes gonna keep them as memories, this was during tbc and wotlk, got a debit card after

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    Father paid sometimes, also we get small paid for going in school here in Sweden. So was no problem for me really.

    Got the cute little games card

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    i was an adult (25) when it came out and i was already working so wasn't an issue.
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    I wasn't allowed to play. I have been play warcraft since war1 but my parents felt it was insane to pay a monthly sub to "play a game", as a result I didn't get to play wow until I got my own credit card at 18. (late vanilla)

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    i did some side jobs for my brother back in the day with his company so he mostly payed for my Wow sub until i got a job of my own

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    I was an adult and was in the military in 2005 I just paid for it with money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azerate View Post

    PS. As a fun fact - I think as long as the child is still in the education system, which includes University, the parents are legally bound to support them financially, to the point that if they refuse - the child can sue them for alimony.
    I can't imagine that includes paying for WoW
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    My dad loved to watch me play and was fascinated by the idea of a large persistent world that took lots of real time and various modes of transportation (zeppelin/boats/FPs) to traverse, so he happily paid for my sub fee.

    I didn't think much of it then, but looking back it was actually a really special time.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Because fuck you, that's why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryonas View Post
    If you were 22 in 2004, then you aren't a boomer, bruh. You're a millenial.
    Oh okay, I don't even know what all this means nowadays and if I am serious, I don't even care :-D but thanks mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kodemonkee View Post
    Oh okay, I don't even know what all this means nowadays and if I am serious, I don't even care :-D but thanks mate.
    Millenial is anyone born after 1980 I believe.

    But yeah, as someone who also fits into this bracket, I just paid for it with my own money.

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    2005 was my last year of school. Before I had my own income I played on a shared account in a computer club and then did some leveling/farming/ranking help for a buddy to play on his account. When I got into uni I paid with my own money. My parents were never fans of spending time like that, so they would never pay for it even if I asked.
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    Uncle paid for my sub as he played too, when he stopped I was old anough and had the money to pay for it myself.
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    Invest my 15€ montly pocket money in my Sub. Most of the deposit bottles my mother bought i hide in my room, to be able to grab some snacks. And Sometimes my Grandma gave me a few Euros. Rarely i asked a friend to lend me some money.

    Paying my Sub wasnt a big Problem at all. The bigger Problem was to Trick my Parents to pass through parental control of the Internet, or at the evening when i need give them my D-Link Wland-USB Stick i tried to get it back, when they are a sleep or looked in the PC-Room of my father for anotherone.

    There was a Time i need to get my whole Computer back at night, cause my mother tooked it a way, cause i had a bad mark at the end of the year at my testimony. And cause my teacher said "saixilain is always so tired mimimi" and overall i was 24/7 on my PC... so it was hard time to play

    When i got a smartphone i was able to use it as a hotspot for my PC, cause my father just locked my PC with parental control. And even when he locked my phone aswell i used my trash mobile network to run wow and played with like 3sec+ delay.

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    I was around, 15 when I started WoW, during Naxx40 patch of Vanilla.
    I would save up an allowance and buy time cards, $5 a week since money was tight so there were quite a few gaps all through BC.
    I tried to get a part time job after school, but where I lived you had to apply for a work permit and that was too much noise.
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    As if the horde faction imbalance could be worse now we have floofy foxes
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    and he's got a fat ass
    Quote Originally Posted by bmjclark View Post
    This thread is a nice reminder that Blizzard can do something nice and still get absolutely shit on for it.

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    Canada,we've got freedom too, except we don't pretend to be american when we travel.
    I worked.
    Like a normal person.

    edit: cue yiddish momma: just look at yourself
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