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    Perhaps Jailor is going to pull the Sword out at the end of Shadowlands.
    if 9.2. is the end for you? i bet 9.3. is Sylvanas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Jackson View Post
    The sword is akin to Frostmourne: it will suck the soul of Azeroth into it, preventing the planet from being destroyed when Azeroth awakens, and Sargeras will pull out the sword out of the planet once he gets "redeemed". Or it's gonna be Illidan, who the fuck cares at this point?

    Sargeras will then weild the sword with Azeorth inside it the same way Kane weilded the Soul Reaver with Raziel inside it at the end of Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

    Ultimately, the sword will be shattered in our ultimate confrontation with big bad #5321456384-911982280-8t6230957321048137490-573129084, and Azeroth will escape it, joining the newly form Pantheon to fight big bad # 8-098204572890649173678956190384710938-57089643709-245.

    The fucking end.
    Everything past the original Blood Omen 1 could be considered fan fiction. Soul Reaver has no soul, just takes them. Moebius appears and casts alter time. The End.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoc View Post
    Steve Danuser said something along these lines in a Wowhead interview.

    IIRC It has a part to play in the future, and Azeroth is going to need a weapon when she wakes up. It'll be a real sword-in-the-stone moment I'm sure.
    More like one of those "pulling a sword from your chest" things.

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    If something has enough power to heal Azeroth then maybe Naaru.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudmaker View Post
    If something has enough power to heal Azeroth then maybe Naaru.
    The only in-game examples of desertic or otherwise devastated zones turning into something more pleasant are Nagrand and WPL. In both cases, it is neither paladins nor priests who are doing the job, but druids.
    Quote Originally Posted by Danuser
    we created a story structure for Sylvanas that, on the surface, echoed many broad strokes of the road Garrosh took (...). These parallels were intentional. But it's within the nuance that we sought to show the story grow and change.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thage View Post
    BFA was about as nuanced as a golf club to the testicles/ovaries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highlord Hanibuhl View Post
    Now I know that shamans and druids have been working around the clock to try and mend the wound.
    But, at the end of BFA, it's assumed that we've healed Azeroth with N'zoth defeated and the world-soul safe.

    One could also assume that lorewise, most - if not all - of the azerite ruptures have been healed.

    Now we know that removing the sword, would greatly hurt the world.. and given Sargeras' power, cutting the sword in pieces, would also be hard... but what's stopping druids/shamans from terraforming/healing the land around it, making sure the surroundings are actually protecting it... by adding mountains, trees.. etc..?
    Most likely Blizzard won't remember that happened for a few years.

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    Expect the same amount of time it took to fix Stormwind park before anything happens with the sword.
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