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    Flametongue and Lightning Shield for Elemental

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if Flametougue or Lightning Shield are even worth to have in the bars for Elemental? I remember to read that in the beta there was some interaction with the maelstrom, but I don't see anything regarding any interaction with other Elemental spells in the tooltips.

    Are these "buffs" something that we want/need to maintain? Seem their are more enhancement oriented.

    Thank you in advance

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    At the moment it doesn’t matter, in beta you can’t have flametongue and a weapon oil so you don’t want flametongue active. I can’t recall off the top of my head if there’s a lightning shield talent for ele or if that was removed.

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    Flametounge does nothing for ele, but LS will do some damage to mobs or players if you are attacked. It's free damage even if its small.

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    LS will do stuff for solo play. Flametongue will add an insignificant amount of damage if you need to melee something because you are silenced for 5 seconds. Keep in mind that using Primal Strike and 2-3 AAs is more DPS then standing there like a dumbass for 5 seconds whenever you do get silenced.
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    I just wish Flametongue would somehow interact with our toolkit, it even would make sense. Like increase damage of LvB or Flame Shock or give us an additional proc chance for Lava Surge or whatever.

    Just do something with it instead of it being a useless unpruned ability that nobody asked for.
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    LS gives u ms whenever someone melee u.

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    lightning shield might be worth it in pvp and solo content, not so much anything else so far in my experience

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