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    Question Newbie rogue question – Torghast/solo'ing in SL?

    I'm a little worried about playing a rogue in SL

    I play solo a lot and for that reason I've mainly been playing classes like Lock, DK and Druid through the expansions.

    I love being able to solo WQs and group quests. Also Torghast is one of the things I'm really looking forward to.

    The problem is, that I've fallen a bit in love with my new rogue, but I'm worried, that I'll have a hard time progressing Torghast... I know rogues are pretty weak when it comes to solo stuff, and that's fine, but I'd hate to level one to 60 and find out the I can't really get anywhere without a group.

    So, just to be clear, this isn't a 'tell me what to play' question, I'm just asking about rogues ability to do Torghast. And to hear your view on how bad rogues are at solo'ing in SL.


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    Every class and spec is able to solo Torghast. Some need more gear/skill than others tho.

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