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    Question Where did the SW:P DoT go?

    Has anyone noticed DoT dmg not showing on combat text from SW:P?

    I see its initial dmg only. Super rarely a random tick that always shows just "1". Of course DoT is registered in Combat Log so this is only displaying issue. Using default Blizz UI here. Actually not a single addon. However, no such issue with VT which perfect displays all DoTs on combat text.

    Appreciate anyone able doing a test with stock UI and default Scrolling Combat text.

    Ps. Would also appreciate any WA, Nameplates suggestions or anything else that helps tracking and managing your DoTs. I am only enjoying priest since pre-patch.

    I guess I was alone in this and topic can be disregarded. For anyone who ran into similar issue:

    To enable floating combat text for damage, use the following command in your in-game text box:
    /console floatingCombatTextCombatDamage 1

    It was confusing that only SWP dot was affected.
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