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    Clarification on Vulpera racial spells

    I know there's a difference between Healing Vial and Holy Relic in terms of the amount it ends up healing for. Healing Vial is the healing racial you get and the tooltip says "Heals a friend for [Attack power * 2.7 * 1 * (1 + Versatility)] Nature" which means it scales with attack power (I'm guessing healers maybe scale with int or something idk). Holy Relic is a drop from M'uru in Sunwell and the tooltip for it simply says "Heals a friend for 60". Does anyone know how much these things actually heal for at 50 as a resto shaman or even maybe holy/disc priest since they're healers too?

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    So all Vulpera racials are just flavor they all do the exact same thing they just look different. I believe the school of magic maybe different on the offensive ones, but that really doesnt mean anything now days.

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