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    Would you play a videogame where...

    ...dying meant that the game ends. No "game over", no credits playing, simply a black screen. You can't restart. Your IP address is banned from playing the game again and whenever you try to reinstall you just get a black screen. Same goes for when you buy another copy of the game. Let's assume there is no way around this.

    Maybe you struggle and die in the first 30 minutes of playing due to a stupid mistake. Maybe you almost finish most of the storyline. Maybe you play for hundreds of hours and then die.

    If such game existed, in whatever form (rpg/mmorpg/shooter/console, all doesn't matter, just pick what you find most fun to play).

    How would you go about it? Would you just buy the game and play, let yourself be surprised? Would you read up on all tactics? Would you watch endless hours of streamers playing the game before playing it yourself?
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    That sounds like a huge waste of money and time.

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    Nope. If I wanted to throw my money at a game that's good for a few weeks or months and then I never touch again I'd buy the FIFA or Madden franchises. Those don't even need to IP Ban me.
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    If the game is cheap and had some real substance too it, maybe I'd try it.

    Otherwise I'm perfectly content to watch a Lets Play on YouTube or twitch.

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    Is the simulation leaking?

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    Mod the bullshit idea out of the game and play it like a normal game.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    Not an icecubes chance in hell.

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    Kind of breaks the concept of playing video games if you can’t play it past one time.

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    this kind of goes against the point of a video game

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    Yes. Seems interesting.

    Video games ought to not be about the value you get per dollar, but the engagement facilitated by design/the concept. I play video games because I think game design is interesting in of itself, not to get $60 worth of entertainment per second. That is a fundamentally faulty notion.

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    Assuming it's fun then yes I'd give it a try. If I die then I die. *shrug*

    I played a little Diablo 3 on hardcore mode and it is kind of thrilling to go into a boss instance knowing that retreat is not an option. You either prevail or lose everything.
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    Only if I get a much better game I own for eternity, based on my actions in this game.

    Edit: A cow level, if you must...
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    As intriguing as it sounds, I'd question the business side of things. Because it doesn't sound as if it would be profitable to create such a game.
    If one is wasting a few bucks to try it out and keep going for as long as one can...maybe I'd join in.
    But if I'm tossing hundreds in...maybe thousands..? Nah..

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    Not a chance.

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    I wouldn't even play it for free, hell i wouldn't even play if you payed me to play it. why? because this game seems to go against the core aspect of everything I value in life - learning from your mistakes. I don't mind games where you lose progress and have to start completely over if you die - I don't typically play them, buy I don't mind them. because it still allows for experimentation and growth. even arcade games that I used to play back in a day, while charging me more quarters for more attempts - DID allow me more attempts should I chose to and they usually had a limited number of mistakes allotted (lives) before you had to pay to play again.

    unlike your hypothetical game, OP. so.. nope.

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    If it were interesting enough, sure. I'd be frustrated but oddly satisfied at the same time.

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    That's called life. We are all playing it.
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    If it costs money, no. If it's free, maybe. I'm damn sure not paying actual money for a game that's going to be worthless after the first time I made a mistake. Same reason I don't do shit like "hardcore mode" in games like Diablo. I'm not interested in losing days of progress like that.
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    Is it free or am I paying for the game? How good is this game?

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