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    Blanking DAMAGE_TEXT_FONT in 9.0 possible?

    Replacing the XP text by defining DAMAGE_TEXT_FONT as a "blank" font no longer seems to work in 9.0, I'm only left with ugly squares.
    Anyone happen to know what changed, and a way make it work?

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    No idea, my damage font addon is suffering from the same issues all of a sudden.
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    Maybe they've altered the API that is used to draw text, and addons haven't updated this change yet?

    Edit: For my addon changing the font to Arial Narrow fixed it
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    I got users (from e.g. russian locale) saying their font replacement addons don't work anymore, it just shows text rendered as boxes

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    It happened to me as well. I was replacing the combat font with Invisible.ttf, which is literally a blank font, and now it's all boxes. It wouldn't be an issue for me if I could just disable the XP: ### floaty text, as I have everything turned off but that persists. for now I have it scaled down to 50% so that it isn't as noticable, but it is annoying. The new dot for 'out of range' on things like the quest item buttons is problematic as well, because it's not a standard character in most fonts that I've tried using.

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