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    Health drops significantly when changing specialization to subtlety

    What title said. When i'm playing Outlaw or Assasination i'm at 19.5k HP. When i change my specialization to subtlety it drops 3k. Anyone know why this drop is occurring or is anyone having the same 'issue'? My stamina does not drop in the stats tab.

    If this is normal tell me , cause i'm losing my mind at this moment.

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    Do you use the ingame equipment manager to automatically switch gear sets upon changing to a certain specialization?

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    Are you using the pvp talent, Thief's Bargain?

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    Nope , just changed my spec and weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inxotep View Post
    Are you using the pvp talent, Thief's Bargain?
    Thank you, did not notice this was still on. Damn, feel like a total noob right now ^^

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