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    Anyone able to help me get this rogue macro working properly?

    So this one's kind of a doozy. Let me explain what I want and show an example. I'm "almost" there but something breaks it.

    Ultimately I want one macro for all 3 spec's that encompasses shiv and for each of the 3 spec's does something different if using a shift modifier. For Outlaw, I want the shift modifier to do nothing, just use shiv still. For Assassination I want the shift modifier to use Poisoned Blade [@mouseover,harm,nodead] and fall back to current target if nothing moused over. For Sublety I want the shift modifer to use Shuriken toss with the same conditionals as above, and fall back to the current target if no mouseover.

    This does it - apart from getting the 2 ranged abilities to fall back to the current target if no mouseover

    /use [spec:1,mod:shift,@mouseover,harm,nodead]Poisoned Knife;[spec:2,mod:shift]Shiv;[spec:3,mod:shift,@mouseover,harm,nodead]Shuriken Toss;Shiv
    if someone can work in the [] so i can understand how falling back to current target works in these cases i'd be grateful
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    I have a similar macro but I'm not at home at the moment but I think is something like this:

    [spec:3,mod:shift,@mouseover,exists,harm,nodead][harm,nodead]Shuriken Toss;Shiv

    The second part of the macro [harm,nodead] makes it so that if you do not have a target hovered over your mouse, it will cast ST,Shiv depending on "mod" or "nomod"

    Or you can try [nomod,@target,exists,harm,nodead] conditional after your first one on the 3 strings.

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    I did try the [] after the conditionals but thats what seems to break the macro no matter where I slip it in. Also tried using [nomod] which got me close except it wasnt limited to shift, then tripped on any modifier which is problematic for me.

    Will report back if i stumble across the proper format. Still going at it. Rogue has been a nightmare to macro up >.<

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    /use [spec:1,mod:shift,@mouseover,harm,nodead][spec:1,mod:shift,harm,nodead] Poisoned Knife; [spec:3,mod:shift,@mouseover,harm,nodead][spec:3,mod:shift,harm,nodead] Shuriken Toss; Shiv

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
    /use [spec:1,mod:shift,@mouseover,harm,nodead][spec:1,mod:shift,harm,nodead] Poisoned Knife; [spec:3,mod:shift,@mouseover,harm,nodead][spec:3,mod:shift,harm,nodead] Shuriken Toss; Shiv
    perfect! you are the macro god Now i see. once you start specifying specs and mods you have to add them even to the fallback. I was trying to sandwich in simple []'s without any conditionals.

    huge thanks again. that less often i'll need to plead for someone brighter than I to sort these things out :P

    - - - Updated - - -

    and just like that with that bit of tutelage i was able to turn this monstrosity (which did work to be fair)

    #showtooltip [stealth]Sap;[spec:1,nostealth]Sap;[spec:2,nostealth]Gouge;[spec:3,nostealth]Sap
    /use [stealth,nocombat,@mouseover,harm,nodead]Sap;[@mouseover,harm,nodead][]Gouge

    /use [stealth,nocombat,@mouseover,harm,nodead][stealth,nocombat]Sap;[spec:2,@mouseover,harm,nodead][spec:2]Gouge;Sap
    the fruits of your labor <3

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    /use [spec:2,@mouseover,harm,nodead][spec:2] Gouge; [stealth,nocombat,@mouseover,harm,nodead][stealth,nocombat][] Sap

    The [] conditional is basically a shortcut, it always evaluates to true, so you can only have it at the end of a macro line. Everything after the spell with that conditional will be ignored.

    Also, nearly every time you have a spell twice in a macro, you can combine the conditionals. In this case, since you listed Sap last with no conditionals, you can combine the earlier Sap conditionals with a [] at the end.

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    this thread is a waste of internet

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