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    What is your favorite ringtone song?

    Hi everybody! I am a music enthusiast, I listen to music every day. The music I listen to is pop music, and I have a complete playlist on my phone. My favorite is the song "Dance Monkey - Tones And I" and I have set it as the ringtone for my contacts. And you, what song do you love and what is your ringtone?
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    There's a Scatman's World Club Penguin remix that I am absolutely in love with.
    It is so soothing.
    'Cuz if you're gonna be mine, you don't have to take your time~♪

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    Whatever my phone defaults to.
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    "yes, let's piss him off because he loves his long hair. Let us twirl our evil mustaches amidst the background music of honky-tonk pianos! GENIUS!"
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    Yes i hate those sneaky account thieves that come to my house and steal my computer in order to steal some wow money! Those bastards! *shakes fist*

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    Whatever my phone defaults to.
    Isn't that... a bit soulless?
    'Cuz if you're gonna be mine, you don't have to take your time~♪

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    I don't like any of them, it means someone is calling me, stop calling me, I hate it.

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    Got this as my ringtone:

    Nothin beats good ol' hydrocity theme.
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    My phone has been on vibration-mode for the past 10 years. Ringtones annoy me a lot.

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    Good 'ol Star Wars cantina band. Original one before Lucas "remasterd" it.

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    None. My phone is on mute since i got my first smartphone.

    There is nothing more annoying than people talking on their phone or listening to music in public.

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    Iam a man of culture.

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    I'm currently using the theme song from The 100.
    Kom graun, oso na graun op. Kom folau, oso na gyon op.

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    I've been using the main theme from Shadowrun Returns. It's not loud/obnoxious, but I can usually hear it. Although I generally just keep my phone on vibrate and in my pocket, so I feel it before I hear it anyway.

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    Actually using super mario theme song. Love it.

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    I use iPhone default ringtone but the greatest ringtone of all time is Nokia tune.

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    I wouldn't recognize my own ringtone since it's always on silent/vibrate. It's something Apple default.
    The other day a phone kept ringing and people started to look in my direction. Apparently it slipped off silent mode. Had no idea it was me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draynay View Post
    I don't like any of them, it means someone is calling me, stop calling me, I hate it.
    I feel this on a spiritual level.

    OT: I keep my phone on mute/vibrate almost exclusively. I used to use “Vice,” a Tiesto remix from one of the In Search of Sunrise mixes. Still do as an alarm.

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    havent taken my phone off silent for a few years ....

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    Man, custom ringtones is like, straight from the 00s.

    I go with some factory default ringtone.

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