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    Better get started on that riot then. I haven’t gotten all confirmations back yet even =p

    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    I just confirmed! SOZ I WAS SLEEPING.

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    Still waiting on 2 peeps. If they don’t confirm soon then this won’t be starting until tomorrow, as I have to be in bed fairly soon so that I can get up at the ungodly hour of 3am tomorrow

    - - - Updated - - -

    Still waiting on @TimeskipPistol

    I will be boarding a plane in the next hour and a halfish, so in all likelihood will not get the opportunity to launch this until later tonight - but will attempt to get things running as quickly as possible after I’ve heard from Pistol
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    The masked fox does speak with a tongue of the purest silver, that much is true. But what does it say? "Trust me. Trust me, for I speak the truth. Trust me, for I will sacrifice myself for the good of your beloved town!"

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    Sorry ya'll, was too distracted by gacha hell and forgot to check in for the confirmation PM.

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