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    This mind set is what makes wow empty. People are leaving. Instead of dismissing their concern you ignore and just do not play it. Sure I do not play. 1 more less person. Until when? Do not you want this game to thrive?
    If you are not happy doing something then there is nothing wrong with stopping that something. Saying the only option is to force people to do something they are unhappy is an actual problem. Sure I want the game to thrive but you do not have a thriving game with people that no longer want to play it.
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    oh no

    april fools joke

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    Honestly, to me, this is the stupidest thing Blizzard ever offered for a 6-month subscription. If they wanted to do a costume why not have a cool Alliance or Horde themed set or something? This looks like like some winged clown jester fool. It's dumb. Then again I think all limited time items like this are stupid. It's just like "hey, come back to WoW! Look, we have a shiny thing you can have if you pay us $80". Get the fuck out of here with that.

    They want us to keep coming back yet they time gate almost all their end game content forcing players to go do something else either in the game or out of it. I would think most of them go do something else entirely. So it's its like they want us to keep paying them to play the game but not for too long, play in moderation.
    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viikkis View Post
    Rather tempted to sub 6 months just to see people get mad. Then again might as well do it since SL is coming and there is always something to do in Classic if SL doesn't satisfy. Subbing for 6 months does save some money afterall.

    The actual set is ugly though. I'd kinda understand people getting angry if it was actually a cool set.
    Thing is there are people acting as if this is somehow an amazing set and blows the pants off of every other armor set in game. It’s quite comical when some people slam Blizzard for putting amazing xmog thru the cash shop while others are stating that it’s the ugliest thing they’ve ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hedren View Post
    It being available for a large amount of gold doesn't make it better. People have complained about the huge goldsinks. Gold and real money are the same now in the game so it doesn't matter. You see that with the auction house mount and people paying 500 bucks to get it.

    While I hate the transmog, something like this should be an actual reward in the game. Meaning, a reward from an achievement, a low chance drop, or if you have to put it behind a reputation, just have us get to exalted and then purchase it for a low price.

    Having us grind to exalted and then dish out 300-500k gold doesn't feel rewarding. And in most cases I opt not to buy the mount.
    People don't complain the same way at all when it comes to gold sinks.

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