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    Orc... the true Warlock Race
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    No fucking way. The worst idea since democracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loras View Post
    Undead for affli or destro, orc for demo. Entirely for flavor reasons.

    Or of course vulpera, for ...different flavor reasons.
    *UwU intensifies*
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    As if the horde faction imbalance could be worse now we have floofy foxes
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    and he's got a fat ass
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    This thread is a nice reminder that Blizzard can do something nice and still get absolutely shit on for it.

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    *UwU intensifies*
    I was actually going more for the British-fox-hunting vibes there, implying that i.e. worgen might find them tasty.
    But i suppose the furry stuff also works.
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    So in prep for SL I decided to dust off my ol Warlock and transfer to Horde.
    The Bloodmallet templates don't currently have Warlock data and I was wondering what the best race is (Horde side) for PvE focused content?
    Mythic raid progression in the world 1,500-2,000 range, keys in the sub 20 range. I've done keys over 20 but they're not a huge prio for me.

    I'd be looking to play Destro or Affi depending on tuning, so the races that jumped to mind were Goblin for 1% haste and some mobility while Belf has 1% crit and AoE purge.

    Any insight would be nice, I know race choices aren't a huge mathematical advantage but why not?

    PvE is Human > Undead
    PvP is Orc > Human

    Undead get that damage and self heal proc which does seem to do a moderate amount of damage.
    Human has great PvP ability but the 2% secondary stat is decent (ends up being ~0.2% mastery, haste, crit, vers).
    Orc gets that 1% pet damage which is pretty good for Demonology but is almost nothing for the other specs and Orc gets Hardiness which will be amazing in SL.

    Troll > Human > Void Elf > Goblin

    In all seriousness, I always pick my race for the best PvP race since the DPS difference is so minor (+/- 2%) that it's not HUGE where as in PvP races do mean a bit more.

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    I am not attached to a particular race. I choose the ones that I like. The Alliance likes the Void Elves. For the Horde, I have been playing Blood Elves for several years. They may not be the most successful races in terms of potential, but in terms of aesthetics, they are wonderful characters.

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    If you wanna minmax then Orc for pvp, Troll for pve.

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    Vulpera have the best racials. You aren't going to see a dps or survivability increase even at the highest level of play for race, so it's all about convenience. And I cant think of anything better than those extra bag slots and second hearth to anywhere on the map.

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    for PvE:

    Orcs start of very strong every expansion (especially for Demo)
    Trolls get better the more gear you get and is the strongest option mid to late expansion from a DPS point of view
    Undead is the odd-ball, the DPS increase is from "Touch of the Grave" is laughably low, BUT they got S tier casting animations (youll have less fun with a character you cant stand to look at and do less damage in that regard aswell)
    Goblin got some needed movement for warlock and the haste increase is really nice especially early on
    Blood elf same as the goblin but with crit and without movement BUT a mass dispell for the enemys, which is priceless in m+

    cant say anything about allied races

    in essence, for the long run go troll, early on go orc but (and this is the most important one) pick a race you like to look at, trust me, even in hardcore progression the racials are really negligible

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    Troll is the only real choice for PvE. Everything else blows. Trinkets and caster specs overall operate on DPS windows. Berserking makes them a lot more impactful.

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    Belf or go home

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    Goblin all the time every time .. that leap is golden .. Once you get used to it, you'll never go back.

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    Well goblin has mobility and universally useful extra haste.
    The big plus:
    These finger tingling witch like casting animation is the most awesome for warlock imo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustaWarlock View Post

    Belf or go home
    Legit, Belf for everything or bust.

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    Gobbo for sure, at least in my opinion. Rocket jump is so useful in shadowlands zones with all the heights, can completely negate or take minimal falling damage. Plus the haste too.

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