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    1. Burnout in Legion, then not interested in BFA

    2. Trying FF14 with how the game so highly rated, cleared all the raid and ultimate by February and until now they still not add anything meaningful content, time to give WoW another chance in SL.

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    I unsubbed halfway trough Nyalotha as i cannot raid the same raid longer than half a year. It just gets soooooooo boring.

    I resub as always because the start of the addon is always fun as hell and a new raid... because you cannot go wrong with raids in wow.

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    I sometimes sub just to do the new storylines (leveling), I don't bother with endgame at all.

    I'd consider resubscribing if they managed to make World of Warcraft actually "WORLD" of Warcraft again. I don't want to meet players from other servers. I want a server community.

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    I unsubscribes resubscribe frequently based on available content and time. I stuck around in 8.3 because I wanted to get a new main ready for Shadowlands. I unsubbbed during Azshara progress because it wasn't going anywhere and I had everything I wanted from 8.2.

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    I often unsub because I get bored. Then I resub because I also get bored.

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    I unsub when playing isn't fun anymore.
    I resub when I want to play again.
    After 14 years both seem to be inevitable.

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    Honestly, it's because of the subscription fee. Whether I'm paying with real money or with WoW tokens, I always felt compelled to play the game even when I didn't feel like it. Because any time I wasn't was just wasted money and conversely playing too much led to feeling burnt out.
    If the game ever adopted a free to play model, I'd come back in an instant. Then I can play the game at my own pace.
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    Most of the time I was solo. My 'net connection was an old dial-up and my pc wasn't in the best of shape.
    I knew that I was playing solo most of the time, and any group play was going to be beyond my reach.
    I understood. No problem.
    And I had fun. Everything back then, music, zones, story...grabbed me and didn't let me go.
    Cataclysm had me wondering if I'd been playing too long, but then MoP swept in and I felt it all over again. A new fresh look that made me think it was time to drop the dial up connection for fiber optic cable.
    Then WoD happened.
    Tried to like this, worked at playing for a couple years. And that's what it felt like. Work.
    Everything that once had me eagerly coming back just became tiresome. Of all things, it was the story that I saw as stupid. And then when I saw what Legion was about and Illidan's return I just had enough. So much so I even turned off my 'net connection. (2016)

    Not coming back anytime soon.

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    OPs long post sounds like an AI trying to learn how to speak WoW to humans lmao,

    on topic:

    1. I usually unsub when I get too far behind and don't want to bother catching up during an expansion, either by raiding gear or progression mechanics (artifact power etc.) or when you play a Melee class and no weapons drop for you.
    2. New Expansions or I get large amounts of gametime that just run through content.
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    grim toll is the worst trinket you could get for survival. Hands down Meteorite wheat stone is better than it.

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