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    Quote Originally Posted by Appelgren View Post
    Probably the only thing in wow ive never wasted time on. The weekly pet battle events are weeks where I play the least.
    I think its the single most pointless thing added to wow ever. Happy that others have fun with it tho
    The point is to entertain people and if it entertains some people, then it isn't pointless. That's like saying video games in general are pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulfric Trumpcloak View Post
    The point is to entertain people and if it entertains some people, then it isn't pointless. That's like saying video games in general are pointless.
    I didnt think I had to specify that its pointless for me personally and I even said that im happy for people who enjoy it. You just want to pick a fight at this point. Sad...

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    Completed every pet achievement except the 'Win 5000 PVP battles'.
    Completed all dungeons.
    Collected about 95% of all pets.

    So you could say I have engaged with it.

    However, i do not like it.
    The Pet dungeons are a chore. without any 'saving', slow progress and boring predictability, they are just boring after the first time.
    Collecting pets is fun, but no more fun than collecting mounts or transmog.
    Pet dailys are ok but only because they are short. The achievements to do them with x families were a huge pain in the ass.
    Leveling pets is a boring repetative chore.
    PVP is just hugely terrible, there are clear metas and most of the time they are with pets most people cannot obtain.

    My opinion, Pet Battles cant ever be much fun without making them a more core part of the game and that will never happen. So the best they do is come up with 'hard' fights (kill x using only y family) or 'long' fights (dungeons). Both of which are simply a pain to do.

    I like the idea of pet battles, but after having done... everything... theres was never much fun to it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Appelgren View Post
    I didnt think I had to specify that its pointless for me personally and I even said that im happy for people who enjoy it. You just want to pick a fight at this point. Sad...
    How is this picking a fight? And how is it sad?

    You made a post. I disagree with it, and posted an answer to your post. No fighting, no sadness...
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    Pit Lord Nutri's Avatar
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    This thread

    I would play it on my phone as a toilet game tho, but only if progression is linked with my actual WoW account.

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    I did it quite a lot in Mists and Warlords, but I didn't do pet stuff hardly at all in Legion. I've dabbed in it a little more in BfA, though. Still never tried any of the dungeons.

    It has mostly it appealed to me as a collector rather than the minigame itself. Winning pet battles was mostly a means to an end to capture that pet I wanted or get the rewards I needed to expand the collection via stones or currencies or whatever. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate the pet battling or anything but I'm also not super into it. Maybe it's because I never played pokeman so it didn't hit that sense of fondness or nostalgia a lot of people have for it because it was inspired by an old favourite.
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    Most of the time I'm indifferent, leaning toward "waste of time" - simply because I personally don't like the idea. I understand there are lots of Pokemon people who enjoy it, but it's not my game.

    do you engage in Pet Battles?
    Since it's beginning I engaged in like... 5 battles. First just to see how it looks like, later to capture some pet for the sake of having that particular one.

    How much do you do so?
    Almost none, within statistical error.

    Do you dabble?

    Have you completed the Celestial Tournament?

    How about PvP?
    Hell no!

    Do you crave the Pet Battle Weekly Event?
    Crave what? There's something like this?

    How many max level pets do you have?
    More than 3, less than 5. Probably 3. All via battle stone I purchased for some tokens I got somehow.

    Favorite things about it?

    How about on the other side of things, do you dislike Pet Battles?
    Mostly indifferent, non existing part of the game as PvP.

    Thing the Weekly Event is a waste of a time slot?
    It could be used for more PvE content.

    Why do you dislike it?
    As mentioned above - I don't like the idea as a whole. Personally it adds nothing, takes resources that could be used elsewhere. But it's my own personal opinion so I ignore pet battles whatsoever as Im aware there are people who like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frinata View Post
    I personally dabble into it here and there, not really getting into it myself
    You could be helping you and your friends get a free h4nd-ee from mechagon if you were a dedicated pet battler...

    "When you need a hand, you know who to call."

    If you read the wowhead comments you'll see someone got 3 h4nd-ee's in one night! Think of the possibilities!

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    I don't care about pet battle or finding strategies or know something about them, I just do them to collect pets and increase some epeen meter. Currently pet battling is what I spend most time of the day (as there is nothing to do) simply completing pet currency world quests on my 45 max level chars. I have already 400 ultimate pet battle stones and even more "rare quality upgrades" stones to be able to instantly upgrade the coming SL pets.

    I did the celestial tournament and the first pet battle dungeon, but since those encounters are random and there is no simple rematch string to copy for them I don't bother anymore.

    So no possible answer to your poll, I do them and spend (at least now when there is nothing better to do) significant time on them, but I really don't love (or hate) them, nor do I really care about them.

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    As the title asks, do you engage in Pet Battles? Yes

    How much do you do so? Basically only against Wild Pets/Trainers/World Quests. I catch every battle pet while leveling in the new expansion and then I'll check out dungeons if there's a reward I like. I don't do any of those "Beat this trainer with all Flying Pets" achievements or crap like that, nor do I do PvP pet battles because it's always super degenerate.

    Have you completed the Celestial Tournament? Yes, multiple times. I think I'm just missing Chi-Ji of all the rewards. I've done all the dungeons as well except Gnomer.

    How about PvP? Very few times. I think I have less than 25 total wins, max level or otherwise. As I said, it's incredible degenerate. You can't go in with your favorite lineup and do well. It has to be meta or a gimmick, and there's very little outplay involved.

    Do you crave the Pet Battle Weekly Event? Nope. I slowly accumulate pet charms and instantly level any pet I want to 25 that way. After reaching 1,000+ pets, I'm very much done with ever leveling them manually again, that's for the birds lol.

    How many max level pets do you have? says 200, so I'll go with that.

    Favorite things about it? A few things. Sometimes it's to flex with a pet like the '08 Olympics, TCGs, or TBC/WoTLK Collector's Edition. Other times it's a perfect complement to a transmog. I also really enjoy taking my time while leveling through new expansions, stopping to catch every new battle pet I come across. It's also a pretty decent investment buying companion pets. I'm quite invested now, so if I was ever in need of cash, I could recoup millions.
    You think you don't, but you do

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    Only when I need to (WQs etc)
    But I do enjoy it, even though I don't partake much in it
    'Cuz if you're gonna be mine, you don't have to take your time~♪

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    Yep, I really enjoy the pet battling. I've pretty much done most of it in game except the PVP portion, I stay away from that. I have 1310 total pets, of which 1078 are unique and 508 are at max level. I really enjoyed the pet dungeons for the most part (except the wailing caverns one).

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    From time to time, yeah.

    Usually do the battle masters when I level.

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    I only do the PvE stuff. I'm interested in collecting and leveling, not in PvP.

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    To me the problem is that pet battles ask too much of you and reward basically nothing. If I want to do any pet battle world quest, I should be able to do them with any pet.

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    I was big on it throughout MoP and I got all the rewards from the Celestial Tournament. I have a specific alt that I only leveled through pet battles so that helps with getting level 25s.

    Nowadays I almost completely stopped. The rewards are just not worth the hassle and it's just another mega grind. I still try to get companions that I miss and I catch all the wild ones I don't have. No PvP.

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    think i belong to the tried in mop crowd. never got very far.

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    only world quests or new pets to catch , tried one instance got bored , don't even tried the pvp option

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    I have never once tried a pet battle. I don't hate it. I don't think it shouldn't be in the game. I have just never gotten up enough interest to try it out.

    It's one of those things that kinds of surprises me with regards to the interest people have in it. I have more than a few friends that absolutely love pet battles. Hell, I have a couple friends that log in just for pet battles. Nutters I say, NUTTERS!
    (last bit was friendly sarcasm.)

    However, learning pet battles is on my list of things to do before SL arrives. I'd like to finish off the quest line for the bug mount and that requires, I think I've heard/read, 15 days of pet battles. So, at some point in the next couple weeks I'll dive in.

    Thank you for reading my blog entry.

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    Yes, I think it's a fun side feature of the game. With that said I consider myself more of a collector than a battle. The negative thing I would say is once you beat the dungeons and get all rewards there's not that much incentive to keep going (but then again maybe there shouldn't be) but also some fights are just very punishing to the point where if you don't have a certain comp, you will get steamrolled. I think it's a bit unfortunate that even though I have something like 1100 pets, there's probably a solid 5-10 pets that I keep using and that can get me out of most troubles. A few more for a whole dungeon, but you get my point. Unfortunately there's not many ways to try out new comps in a satisfying way.

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