View Poll Results: Do you engage in Pet Battles?

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  • Yes! I love it!

    45 26.01%
  • I dabble into it sometimes.

    66 38.15%
  • I don't, I'm not a fan of it.

    62 35.84%
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    I'll just say that I have the title and everything from the final pet battle dungeon. So yes I do it.

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    I have always wanted to get into Pet Battles and even try the Pet Dungeons, but I have had so much trouble getting started over the years. Does anyone have any advice? Links to a good guide? I have looked at guides/blogs and have never found anything good. Much appreciated .

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    I dabble for sure, big fan but I use my time up in game with da bwoys in m+ or pvp typically

    Their is actually a lot of gold to be made in pets btw, you can become LongBwoy level gold with buying and selling pet stuff

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    There was one time i forgot to revive/heal only 100 hp left lvl 25 pet. Click the squirrel then lost in two turns. Snapped and killed that squirrel single arcane shot and shouted, "YEAH HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!!! HUH?".. duddee it's just a game.

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    Not interested in PVP pet battles, but like doing battles and getting the achieves and different pets

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    what are pet battles

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    Nope. Never had the slight interest.

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    I'm all in. Completed the Celestial Tournament. Completed all the major PVP achievements like win 5,000 pet battles with level 25 pets, all the pet type achievements, etc. I don't have 100% of the achievements done, but a vast majority and I've won at least over 5,000 pet battles in PVP. I've also leveled several characters to max level with pet battling, especially with the 100% XP buff.

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    Outside of the dailies for leveling alts, nope.
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    I've been to dog and cock fights in Tijuana and once you see the real thing, you realize even simulated pet fights are an atrocity I can not condone. That's why I abstain from them.

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