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    Flashbacks of lying in a pram looking out of it. Still remember what baby food out of a jar tasted like.

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    No idea what was my actual first memory, have a couple to choose from and many of them are probably fake memories from seeing pictures or hearing stories.

    I have notices that for me memories are heavily connected to places. Since I lived in the same house up to 6 years old all those memories are mashed together. I actually moved from a apartment I really liked just because I had lived there to long and knew that later in life I would have fewer memories because of it.

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    I do remember cutting loose in a diaper and feeling very good about myself.

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    Back when I was a wee lad I used to dress up in my Spider-Man costume and climb the railing of the stairs from my living room to the 2nd floor. I'd put that costume on almost everyday even when it wasn't Halloween or even in the month of October.
    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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    I do remember cutting loose in a diaper and feeling very good about myself.
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    Transitioning out of diapers. The pair I put on were extremely cold, and it was at that point we started to notice my physical sensitivity issues as I ran circles around the house flailing.
    you guys know diapers are for toddlers and not adults, right?

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    Looking at most of my baby pictures I tend to get a brief glimpse of my emotions and senses from that moment. But I think I became more self aware when I got a General Lee pedal car for xmas from my racist family. I must of been 3 years old?

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    sticking a key in a light socket when i was like 3. I also remember pissing myself on the first day of kindergarten.

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    Don't you hate how people exaggerate their memories by saying they remember what it's like to be a baby? C'mon now.

    Anyhow, I have a strange early memory and I vaguely remember finding myself in a weird environment and feeling scared. Up far ahead of me I could see my brothers so I went as quickly as I could to try to catch up, but I was just a little guy so it was difficult to maintain pace. Quickly I lost track of everyone and everything and I was lost and alone. I kept going, probably guided by nothing other than instinct. After what felt like hours of wandering around I eventually came upon a huge round object. It was unlike anything I had seen before but I was strangely attracted to it. I reached out and touched it and immediately a flash of light occurred as I was pulled inside of it. At that point it was utter chaos and a mess of division and multiplying for what seemed to be a crazy long time. It felt like it was about 3/4ths of a year but that's probably just my imagination exaggerating the weirdness. Finally, I was pulled out and some asshole held me upside down by my feet and spanked me. Guess I did something wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nastard View Post
    Don't you hate how people exaggerate their memories by saying they remember what it's like to be a baby? C'mon now.
    I doubt people have memories of being a baby, but I think it’s possible to have memories as early as 2; however, research shows that majority of humans won’t have memories earlier than that—the norm being 3 to 3.5 years of age—which they refer to as childhood amnesia.

    As I mentioned, I recall playing on a rug as a young child, but I also remember being outside, in a large pram with my sisters. I don’t know which memory I was younger in, but I know both happened.
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    It's a spectacularlly odd memory of being bathed by my mother in the farm style sink we had in our old family home when I was about/almost two years old maybe.. and it was because I had gotten paint in my hair somehow. I remember it being a jolly time while my mother describes it as it being extremely dramatic for me.

    Its the only thing I really remember until about 4 or 5. But its vivid. I can tell you just about every detail. So odd.

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    The earliest memory I can remember is me waking up in a bed holding a Transformer action figure when I was a lil' boy. I can't remember much about why I was on that bed as I don't think it was mine (but it was in my house, at the time).

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    I was in the same room as my eldest brother and dad while they was watching TV (fuck knows what was on) and I was sitting on the floor playing with a fire engine toy. I was roughly 3 or 4 years old.
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