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    would stacking a flex raid with my own toons increase the raid size?

    so I tried putting a raid together with just my own toons to increase the raid size and therefore loot drop # in a black temple run but just having them in a raid group did not appear to alter it. I'm wondering - partly because it's my only remaining option, partially because my other characters were visible on the map to me even while logged out- if zoning them all in despite being logged off would increase the raid size? this flex crap is a real pisser for transmogrification runs.

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    Flex Raid requires people to actually be logged in and inside of the instance.

    Do note that older raids from Classic and TBC just never dropped all that much loot to begin with, compared to eg. Legion or BfA raids.

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    yeah TBC bosses will always drop the same amount regardless if you have 1 or the full 25

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