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  • personal lore

    25 65.79%
  • systemic lore

    13 34.21%
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    I love the massive world building lore and the personal story lore that I build myself for each toon.
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    I like both. Every arc of wow has both types of lore. So the question isn't about having one or the other, the true question is the right mixture of both types that can make or break a story for the player/reader. In wow every expansion had both including Shadowlands. So i don't necessarily buy the premise.

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    Both are necessary, in my view, although my preference in WoW and the general Warcraft universe is for personal and smaller-scale stories with their accompanying lore. WoW tends to err on the side of huge, sweeping stories in my view - an emphasis which has been growing more and more unrealistic and away from the personal with seemingly every expansion. It would be refreshing to have an expansion with a number of smaller, more personal stories, without a necessarily overarching story (or accompanying world/universe-ending villain).
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    if the lore is to be good, has to be both. focusing on one will hurt the overall story of the game
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