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    Quote Originally Posted by Draknalor186 View Post
    Lack of space? What do you mean? I am ensuring all of my sentences are spaced. Could you please clarify?

    fixed that for you
    I'm having difficulty.I don't see why you decided to simply retype what I put.Was it a typo,or something?

    Sylvanas didn't even win the popular vote, she was elected by an indirect election of representatives. #NotMyWarchief

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capultro View Post
    degenerate?are you stupid or what?dont you play wow actually? we are waiting for shadow lands...for nothing,because it is another bfa.

    i hope that hacjers destroy blizzard.they only wantmoney and more money.they must stop suscription vs covid19...but no,they didnt do it,because theylike earn money easy without work...
    Regardless of your nearly incoherent ramblings, ddosing has little to no effect on blizzard. It just inconveniences the players for a short period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    Is it honestly worth the laugh to go to jail for half of your life over?
    You get like 35 years for a DDOS attack on game servers? In what country is that? But I guess since it comes from a guy who mixes up the words jail and prison randomly in his posts, this exaggeration is to be expected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch-Angel of Riots View Post
    DDOS attacks most often are paired with cyber-security-attacks, eg. attempts to steal private data, or in worse scenarios attempts to install ransomware or such.
    Thats really not the case.

    DDOS attacks are far "easier" to execute then attempting to actually gain access to anything. You can buy ddos attacks from shady groups pretty cheap these days.

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    Stuff you need is:
    1. Compute power.
    2. Bandwidth.
    3. Multitudes of hosts.
    And quite possibly an amplification vector.

    If you have the last one, it's gigagood. Some DNS attacks in the past were crazy in the amplification arena.
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