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    It is interesting how zones have changed over the years. Some of my fave zones in WoW often just have dead areas where there's nothing or just lots of spare land. Blizzard don't really put this into their zones anymore, they are much more compact and every space is often used up. This is an obvious progression path with new technologies and ways of thinking but having just areas of wide open desert or ice fields really made the world feel more real and huge.

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    If anything they need more zones like Vashjir. It’s in my opinion the most beautiful zone in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightstalker View Post
    You needed flying for 2 quest chains afaik.
    Are you just parroting Preach here? This is one of his lines that sounds like a broken record after all those years.
    You needed flying to do basically all of Storm Peaks, the only part you could do was the part at the goblin base. Everything else required flying because it was in places you couldn't reach without.

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