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I don't think I said that Blizzard wouldn't implement, or consider implementing, an account wide lock? I said unless, as in "if they don't".

And you are completely right, It would feel more meaningful to get drops if they were more rare, both materials and gear from raid bosses. Sadly, this won't happen, WoW players of 2020 has different needs than WoW players of 2010, and not giving them at least one dopamine kick per playsession is how we lose them as well. The 2010 players aren't coming back anyway.

But I do believe that Blizzard would disregard the industry standard and hot-nerf fire mages if *all* clothwearers in every raid were fire mages, or worse yet, if gear was universal between classes and all dps in every raid were fire mages.
I've played MMOs since 1999, dude.

This isn't a 2010 vs 2020 thing. That's just this sad and pointless kind of "us vs them" nonsense where "them" doesn't actually exist as any kind of separate group from "us". WoW has always been a "quick dopamine hit" kind of MMO compared to, oh I dunno, every other MMO on the market. Whether it was in 2004, or 2010, or 2020.

Guild Wars 2 came out in 2012 for goodness' sake. It uses a system much like is being proposed here - there is soulbound gear, but all the top-tier best-you-have gear is not soulbound, and can be moved around freely (GW2, because it loves its MTXes, has ensured this is a PITA to do unless you pay for said MTXes, of course). And it really shows that equipment doesn't actually feel all that much more valuable or exciting, even if you get it extremely rarely. Often in the end particular pieces of gear seem more like a millstone around your neck than something super-exciting, as you have to shift them around all the time to get them on to the right character. So you get this vibe that it's more like an admin task than "Ohhhh I have this awesome piece of gear". Part of that of course is that the gear just can't be that much better, because it's permanent, and if it was that much better, and permanent, and swappable around, it would be a huge power gain.

Dark Age of Camelot was a bit better here, but it was a game with a very, very different focus, and I don't really think the approach it took would work for well for a WoW-type PvE-focused game (it also had ultimately perishable gear).