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    Quote Originally Posted by Th3Scourge View Post
    The game was arguably at its peak when Chilton was at the helm. Before the days of borrowed power and systems on systems on systems. Before the dark times, before Ion
    The game has always had systems and powers that went away after expansions. Tier sets, trinkets, weapons, talent tree overhauls, gems, glyphs, enchants, etc.

    And they wanted to implement a max level progression system since Cataclysm. That's what Path of the Titans was. It would probably have happened eventually no matter who was at the helm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triceron View Post
    So you're asking people for their opinions on him working on something no one knows about?

    My answer is Activision will suck the life out of your hopes and dreams. Not even the return of all the classic devs would fix WoW today, we're way too far down the rabbit hole and the path this game has taken is already set in stone.
    Peop[le need to stop using Activision as a Boogeyman. As I have said, Activison is a separate company from Blizzard and both live under the roof of Activision-Blizzard. Activision has ZERO to do with the operation of Blizzard.

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    He was a decent driver, but his brother Max was better I thought.
    1) Load the amount of weight I would deadlift onto the bench
    2) Unrack
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiberria View Post
    I mean, Tom Chilton was the game director that led the development of Wrath, MoP and Legion, which are widely seen as the 3 most successful expansions the game has had. Yes, Cata and WoD were misfires, but he at least came back from every misfire with a top tier expansion. Meanwhile, Ion's first expansion as director was BfA which is almost universally panned as a disaster of an expansion, and proceeded to lead development on Shadowlands, which has been such a disaster they actually had to pull back on an announced release date. Also, Ion responded to the train wreck of BfA with an even bigger trainwreck and black eye with Shadowlands.
    Your opin. Not fact. And how do you know Shadowlans is a trainwreck? It hasn't released yet. Basicially what you are saying is "Ion made expansions I hatred, therefore he is incompetent" which is not how it works.

    The results would suggest that Chilton is a far more competent game director than Ion, and they should probably fire Ion, make him walk the plank for the BfA/Shadowlands clown fiestas, and put Chilton back in charge.
    Your opinion does not = results. Ion isn't going to get fired because you didn't like his expansions. The games are profitable, many still play it and love it, and it is still in operation which is the bottom line. He is very competent and isn't getting fired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kallisto View Post
    The development of systems in a game is one of the first things, also narrative. Bfa was already in development before legion was launched. Metzen even pointed out in one of his interviews being shown cinematic set for bfa when WoD was still the expansion that was current. If anything shadowlands is the first expansion with in which Chilton did nothing on.
    I remember Metzen saying something about BfA too and I thought it was funny because everyone was screaming that "BfA's story (this is before the expac launched) wouldn't have happened if Metzen had still been around!!!!"

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    If you love MMORPGs and WoW his departure is cause for celebration

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