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Since Glenn has been liberated from the "censorship" of editors.
His latest pro-Trump blog post appears to be longer than Master of the Senate ... Greenwald says Trump was a better president than Obama.

No Matter the Liberal Metric Chosen, the Bush/Cheney Administration Was Far Worse Than Trump.

substack basically the wordpress for the intellectual dark web and Nazi adjacent types.

Also, the go to spot for plagiarizing material to pwn libs on gaming forums.
He is really going down the rabbit hole isn't he? At best Trump is just as bad as Bush jr, I mean, they hired the same type of people and in some cases the same people. Example Steven miller for has worked for republicans at least a decade or so, he was to young to work for Bush but pretty sure the same type of people where also working in the Bush admin.

Second, the guy is just repeating Trump talking points "Obama put children in cages too!!!!"" ignoring major context and the fact that the Trump admin was proud of there zero tolerance policy.