My wife and I are looking for a new home with us returning for Shadowlands. I play Enh/Resto Shaman and she plays Hunter. We are looking for preferable a west coast server guild with the aim at pushing CE each patch. We cleared up to Mythic Ashvane a few weeks into the patch before deciding to take a step back due to my wife needing to focus on completing her Masters, and the guild we were in wasn't progressing as much as we were led to believe upon joining.

We are Horde but are looking to roll Alliance this expansion for the change of pace, but are not opposed to staying Horde for the right fit. We are looking for raid times of Sunday-Thursday, 8pm-11pm PST, and Friday/Saturday 8pm-Midnight PST. Feel free to hit me up DragonsGaze#11199 on if anyone is interested or has any questions.