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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    Pretty sure I could equip more than 1 legendary in Legion.
    At launch, the Legion class hall option that allowed you to equip an extra legendary was the last in the "order advancement" talent tree, tier 6. If I am not mistaken, it took people quite a while to get there. Like, a month and a half, with the original research times - from tier 1 to 6, research took: 2 hours, 4 hours, 7 days, 10 days, 12 days, 14 days, total 42 days and 6 hours to unlock the ability to equip an extra legendary. Back then this wasn't as much of an issue because legendary acquisition was completely RNG, so most people didn't even have two legendaries, much less two they really wanted equipped.

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    Yay legendaries.... how special!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ognomad View Post
    Question, is Soul Ash Soul Bind, or is tradeable?
    Pretty certain it's not tradeable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volatilis View Post
    A lot of those older legendaries did get used after their respective expansions like for timewalking.

    Hell I even remember tanks using thunderfury in BC
    You do realize you can use the legion legendaries for timewalking aswell, and likely these too.. right?

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