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    Quote Originally Posted by cparle87 View Post
    Ok. So we have a "look at me I'm unsubbed look how cool I am and I even paid for the expansion" post. Along with a vague, most likely unsubstantiated claim about Blizzard mistreating their employees... Move on folks, nothing worth reading here.
    I see nothing on MMO-C has changed since I left, lol

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    If it weren't for the fact that some of my alts are on alliance side and sooner or (most likely) later I will level them all to max to see all classes again, I wouldn't play both sides in SL. There is really not much of a point to it since there is barely any faction story and the bit that is there is stuff like Tyrande being slightly less of a cunt if you play alliance. That's not enough for me to care.
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    Of course.

    That is why I have two mains.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squigglyo View Post
    Is there any difference?

    Legion had different artifact chains and achievements
    BFA had you playing both sides for an achievement

    Is there anything in shadowlands?
    I don't think there is going to be a massive difference between alliance and horde while leveling and doing the content.

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    No only horde toons and a Tauren in a Gnome costume ;D

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    No. I'll be playing my Warrior, & either Druid/DK for alt raids.

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    In the long run yes. I tend to be an altoholic so I will level on both sides.

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    I have many toons on both sides and I'm going to level some of them just for fun, so yes I'm playing both sides. Raiding will be with my Alliance group, since the Horde raid I played with, disbanded some time ago and I never joined another.

    I don't expect many differences between the factions while leveling, but I can live with that.

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    Don’t think so, never created an ally in 16 years, I don’t see reasons to change for SL. Not even remotely interested in Alliance and his story.

    Having to use them in WC2-3 was painful enough.

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    For shadowlands? No. I did for BFA simply for the story, but I honestly could have got most of the gist by watching videos on YouTube. I plan on having 4 characters so that I can experience each covenant, but I have no plans to roll both factions since it looks like the story is pretty much the same for both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by callipygoustp View Post
    Eventually I'll level my alliance druid so I can see the story from the other side.
    I think initially there is only one side, the intro might be slightly different though. later patches though might have differing questlines

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    I've done it "to see the other side of the story" from MoP through BFA. But Shadowlands doesn't look like it's going to have the same level of alliance vs horde variation, if any. In that sense I'm getting a Burning Crusade vibe, where faction had next to no bearing on major expansion lore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post
    I don't think so. I've tried to level Horde chars over the years but it never works. Just don't like em.
    ^ This, pretty much. I find it hard enough to play or level an alt... let alone one on the faction where I have no friends or resources.

    Always say I’ll roll on the other side to see the story (like... I’ve still no real idea what goes on in Zandalar) but never do and always forget

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    No point in SL? Both factions will experience the covenant stories in the same way. The covenant story doesn't change depending on the faction.

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    I mean what will be the point? ITs all about covenants in SL, there might be a few flavor things, but i doubt it will get much focus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    Yes, I always have played both, since Classic.
    Pretty much this.

    I also kept adding more alts. 1 in Classic, 5 in TBC, 10 in WotLk....and now I have 34 chars. Question is rather: Will I level them all?

    I plan on levelling at least enough to unlock all covenant transmogs that I think look good.

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    Yeah, although I'll likely be maining Alliance as I have for a while now, mainly due to Guild Raiding, if people actually log back in and we have people. I always usually have at least one Horde toon at max, I've had 7 or so in BFA, and lots more Alliance, although BFA was extremely uninteresting compared to Legion with Class Halls, the War Campaign mainly felt like a drag and I think the best part of it was the cinematics. Hopefully Covenants are interesting enough to do choices I want on Alts instead choosing the best.
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    Yup, I always do. I'm probably going to main my maghar fury warrior for the Horde side and my human DK for Alliance.
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    Since BC, when I started, I play both factions. In Cata I had all classes covered but spread between both factions. In BfA I created a bunch of new characters and now I have both factions fully covered, all classes. With Shadowlands I intend on playing as usual - both factions.

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    I've played Alliance as my main basically since WoD. Time for some Horde.

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